A middle-aged man named Hutch Mansell whose life is filled with the same routine every day. Boring. That changes when one night two strangers ( Humberly González and Edsson Morales) entered his house to steal his belongings. The actions of the two thieves were caught by Hutch Mansell, but, at the same time, the incident evoked another side of Hutch Mansell’s personality that he had been hiding for so long. The other side that then makes him brave to fight a group of young men who are disturbing a young woman on the bus they are both riding. Unfortunately, this group of young people turns out to have a relationship with a ruthless Russian mobster, Yulian Kuznetsov ( Alexey Serebryakov ), who immediately makes Hutch Mansell the most wanted figure.

It is not surprising that some viewers will get the impression that the second film directed by Ilya Naishuller ( Hardcore Henry , 2015) tries to follow the action presentation formula that was previously successfully applied by John Wick (Chad Stahelski, 2014). The plot about a man’s solo action against a group of dangerous people presented in Nobody was also worked on by Derek Kolstad who wrote the story script for John Wick and its two sequels, John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) . nobodyalso produced by the same person as the producer of the John Wick film series, David Leitch . So is Nobody just an attempt to repeat the success of the film series starring Keanu Reeves? Not really.

Nobody definitely has a lighter tone of storytelling when compared to John Wick . This film also makes maximum use of Odenkirk’s persona, who has been better known for his roles in films and television series which are thick with comedic elements. Kolstad’s story script builds carefully the layers of the story about the character of Hutch Mansell so that his transformation from a “father of the household” with a boring life becomes a character figure who is able to face every challenge and threat that is in front of him. The comedic touch given to the story line is successful enough to make Nobody appear more refreshing than the John Wick film seriesitself – which, to be honest, has felt a little tiring after being developed into a series.

As an action game, classy action choreography is clearly the most crucial element in Nobody’s presentation . Luckily, Naishuller was able to work on it reliably. When compared to Hardcore Henry, which often feels like it’s too rushed, Nobody also moves quickly but is neater in his narration. This is what makes a touch of comedy in the storyline as well as the dialogue that comes out as well as the characterizations of the main character figures can still be presented dynamically. The cinematography directed by Pawel Pogorzelski also deftly captures every element of the action that is being shown and is complemented by the support of imagery from William Yeh and Evan Schiffwho is able to combine every movement of conflict and character effectively. The quality of the production order is clearly classy.

Odenkirk’s appearance is definitely the main appearance that drives the story of Nobody . Odenkirk is able to provide a strong acting performance to bring Hutch Mansell to life. He appears very convincing as a middle-aged man who is boring and never loses that persona when his character transforms into a hero who can fight anyone in front of him. The full attention given to the character of Hutch Mansell does not give much space for the storytelling of the other characters who are present in the storyline of Nobody . Even so, it certainly feels great to see this film provide a story space where Christopher Lloyd can act as wellConnie Nielsen is able to be the right companion figure for Odenkirk.