The Korean drama Jirisan will soon end, your predictions?

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The Korean drama Jirisan will soon end. It’s time for you to issue all your predictions and guesses for the ending of this drama and get official merchandise from Jirisan and iQIYI.
Podcast Quiz on Drama! this time back to work with iQIYI. If you missed the Yumi’s Cells quiz before, it’s time to participate. iQIYI has Jirisan exclusive merchandise for 3 lucky winners.

Of course, you must have watched all the Jirisan episodes that have aired on iQIYI before guessing the ending of the story. This is the right time to bring out all your quirks about this drama and also give predictions about the characters in it.

It doesn’t matter if your prediction is not proven, for sure you are free to imagine. The wildest theories, predictions, and imaginations will be selected to get exclusive and official merchandise from Jirisan and iQIYI.

This quiz is held on the Instagram account . You can read all the terms and conditions in the following upload:

This quiz will last until December 10, 2021. Make sure you have followed the terms and conditions listed in the upload above for a chance to win the prize.

Jirisan’s early episodes have also been discussed in previous podcast episodes. If you missed it, you can listen to it below:

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