The Matrix saga became one of the most in-demand films during its release years because it was considered to have revolutionized its special effects and had a significant impact on the next generation of filmmakers.

‘The Matrix Resurrections’ is the sequel to the last film of the Matrix trilogy, which is 18 years from the revolutionary film by the Wachowski brothers at the time. Here’s a review of the advantages and disadvantages of The Matrix 4!

One of the advantages that distinguishes it from the previous The Matrix trilogy lies in the presentation of the story plot. This time, Wachowski as the director, presented a light and easy-to-understand story plot using a fairly simple narrative.

In contrast to the Matrix trilogy, which has a complex narrative concept that confuses and forces us to reconsider our reality and the amalgamation of science fiction, post-apocolyptic narrative, philosophy, a series of computer databases in the trilogy make these films neither easy to digest nor easy to understand.

In addition, the story of Neo and Trinity is presented in full with a strong romance bandage compared to the previous three films. Most of the film is about Neo’s quest to reunite with Trinity, as the pair do not know each other and have no memory of themselves or their previous relationship.

This film also presents a number of light comedies in some of the scenes that feel entertaining, an in-depth description of the story of Neo and Trinity is also given in a straightforward and clear manner so that viewers who do not follow the previous trilogy can still enjoy the storyline of this film.

The use of effects that have become the hallmark of The Matrix also appears slickly following current developments and feels relevant, although not a few say that the use of CGI in this film is still far behind the previous trilogy.

As the fourth series, Resurrections displays more of a nostalgic story than focusing on a fresh new story. In this film, the story feels shallow because it only focuses on how to reunite Neo and Trinity because Zion is now safe and peaceful.

Not only that, although in it still shows fighting and shooting scenes, it no longer “eats” casualties like the previous three films and seems to reduce dangerous fighting scenes. So, it can be said that Resurrections is the softest sequel to The Matrix ever made until now.

When arriving at the midpoint of the film, there are expository scenes (scenes that aim to provide an explanation of a topic in the form of information in a coherent, clear and detailed manner so as to provide clear information to the audience) which appear quite disturbing because they seem to slow down the storyline.

In addition, this film will also feel boring for some viewers even though some of the next scenes are quite smooth. But don’t expect exciting actions typical of “Matrix” or better known as “bullet time” where the moment of time seems to slow down or stop.

Because once again it is emphasized that in the sequel this time it focuses more on the return of the story of Neo and Trinity which was lost in the third film 18 years ago.

Fighting actions that involve bare hands or self-defense, shootouts and car chases are indeed quite exciting, but they are considered normal in The Matrix film standards and do not appear to be optimal compared to the previous trilogy.

So how Cilers do you guys also feel the advantages and disadvantages of The Matrix 4 while watching it?

By Yas Il