BTS has undoubtedly left its love in Mexico pronounced since its first presentation and the taste of its charming culture, thus representing one of the main Latin markets for K-Pop, in which the Mexican ARMY always usually receive them with all their love, but the followers who had the opportunity to enjoy with them, surprised everyone.

Being thus one of the countries most adored by the members, for its Mexican culture and food, ARMY has been waiting since their last show in 2017, since they have not been able to complete their world tour and that leaves them with hope that they will return to the stage very soon. However, the Mexican who was the envy of ARMY, managed to capture them on screen........

Very few people have been lucky enough to meet the members, much less share with them, but seeing the moment of this fan celebrating with the idols during a trip surprised everyone. During their reality show entitled “Bon Voyage”, BTS was celebrating and drinking some well-known beers such as “Corona”, a world-famous brand, and when a girl was present she had the opportunity to toast with them, thus being a moment very iconic among the members and was recorded by her.

Below is the video of the members celebrating their triumph with the Mexican ARMY:

Although it is not the first time that ARMY has had the opportunity to celebrate with the members, since during the concerts in Los Angeles, RM celebrated with a Mexican model during his live broadcast.

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By D14N