Perhaps inspired by the phenomenal 1973 movie Jesus Christ Superstar (JCS), the Compagnia Della Croce Del Sud  Italian product Jesus Christ Superstar in 2016 was shown. This musical drama genre movie was performed live in an opera house. The cast such as Italian singer-songwriter and singer Giorgio Adamo who played Jesus, Brunella Ptatania who played Magdalene, Christian Gravina who played Pilatus, Francesco Signore who played Judas and many other cast members spoke in the song live. The song they sing as a reciprocal dialogue is the same song performed by the actors in the movie1973’s Jesus Christ Superstar starring Ted Neeley where the shooting was in the wilderness, hills with gardens and simple houses in Israel.

The music ensemble fronted by Anania Amoroso and friends featured rock genre music, both slow rock and hard rock. Duel of words in the song between Judas and Jesus looks very expressive in her hard rock with a tone above the regular octave. It seems that Giorgio Adamo (Jesus) and Francesco Signore are not only singers with extraordinary voices, but also excellent theater performers.

The dynamics of their emotional turmoil can be expressed in high notes with peak tenors and cressendo volumes rising . For example, when Judas denounces the scene where Magdalene anoints Jesus’ feet with expensive nard oil and when Judas denounces Jesus’ closeness to Magdalene, Judas is actually part of the 12 disciples of Jesus, Judas’ words in the song are so expressive.

Likewise, when Jesus reproached Judas at a banquet of wine and bread before the arrest of Jesus by Roman soldiers, Jesus, in this case Giorgio Adamo said in a high-pitched song that is also expressive. But when Judas was about to hang himself, or Jesus after being scourged and headed for the crucifixion, their voices became a kind of sigh. They, in this case Giorgio Adamo and Fransesco Signore, took a low bass sound , as if whispering but still pitched, a pianissimo dynamic !

Movie Plot

The movie Jesus Christ Superstar Product Compagnia Della Croce Del Sud, seems to refer to the synoptic gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John with a very human interpretation. The movie opens with a commotion between two feuding groups. And this is expressed in the frenetic rock music and the two groups get into a fight with each other. Suddenly, jreng! The music stops, the spotlight turns to a small stage that is slightly high and has a ladder, the figure of Jesus appears. If in movies that tell the story of Jesus, Jesus is personified as a man who was born with Middle Eastern culture, so he wears a robe and wears swearing, Jesus, played by Giorgio Adamo, wears a white long-sleeved shirt and white trousers. Long hair flowing and wearing sandals. Looks elegant and modern.

The costumes of other players also adjust. Francesco Signore who plays Judas wears a headband, jeans pants and wears shoes that are usually worn by travelers  when exploring their traveling objects.. A long light brown leather jacket that was left unbuttoned, Francesco Signore seemed to be wearing a robe. This seems to give the impression that among the disciples of Jesus, Judas, who was in charge of the finances, often used his teacher’s finances generously for his personal luxuries. Brunella Ptatania, who plays Magdalene, wears a long skirt with a fairly long cloth slayer, giving the impression of a polite woman even though Magdalena’s previous background is a prostitute. The priest Caiaphas actually did not wear a robe, as the image of the Jewish priest. Caiaphas wore a suit like a state official.

Pontius Pilate also wore ordinary clothes, just as a sign that he was a Roman ruler at that time, he wore a red cloth draped. Herod appears a bit funny, because it’s not trousers, but shorts. Petrus, who is a disciple of Jesus, also appeared in jeans and a dark T-shirt. Players who play the role of disciples and followers of Jesus also appear in today’s everyday clothes. There are even some women who wear shorts and tank tops which can make the men watching this movie not focus on the story being built, because of the thighs and smooth skin that they leave gaping.

Up to 60 minutes running, the movie tells the story of Jesus’ debate with Judas and Jesus’ ministry to the sick and poor who need his help. Jesus also gave words of wisdom in his teaching. Although in the dramaturgical plot, this section is actually a problem-recognition stage, but at this stage, the conflict has escalated. The spice given in this section is Jesus’ closeness to Magdalene. In the synoptic gospels, Magdalene (often called Mary Magdalene or Mary of Bethany) was a demon-possessed prostitute who repented and became a follower of Jesus. Mary Magdalene faithfully listened to the teachings of Jesus compared to her sister named Martha. This Magdalene is written in the Synoptic Gospels which anointed Jesus’ feet with perfumed oil before Jesus’ crucifixion.

In this theatrical movie made by Compagnia Della Croce Del Sud, Magdalena is made as if she were Jesus’ lover. This can be seen in his behavior in kissing, hugging and especially when he found Jesus’ body suffering and when Jesus was taken down from his crucifixion. How Magdalene looked sadly suffering. However, there is no such thing in the Synoptic Gospels. But that’s the human interpretation.

In the 60th to 90th minutes of the scene there is a trial by the priest Caiaphas and Herod and Pilate. After the trial was decided that Jesus was crucified, then the initial punishment was Jesus being scourged with 40 lashes. Before Jesus was persecuted, the song Jesus Christ Superstar written by Andrew Lloyd Webber / Tim Rice was sung: … Jesus Christ Jesus Christ/ Who are you? What have you sacrificed?Jesus Christ Superstar Do you think you’re what they say you are?…

The caning punishment is then carried out expressed by swinging the blow with beautiful movements. It seems Pilate gave a count of 1-40. Every time Pilate mentions a number, there is a player in the role of a soldier jumping and hitting Jesus’ back or chest. Jesus’ body was shaking, until finally after the 40th blow Jesus fell and was supported.

Before the trial scene, it is told that Judas handed Jesus over with a kiss. Judas shows the soldiers that it is Jesus he kisses who must be arrested. At that time Jesus was praying in the garden of Gethsemane, his body trembled in prayer and in a sorrowful voice he asked, why the crucifixion of him had to happen. Jesus, in this case Giorgio Adamo sings, from a low voice to a loud voice: take this cup away from me for i dont want to taste its poison feel it burn me i have change…I’d want to see my god whay i should die would i be more noticed than i ever was before would the things i’ve said and none matter i’d anymore have to know my lord i’d have to know my lord i’d have to know my lord. The inner struggle ended with Jesus’ resignation to accept the fact that he had to be crucified as part of the plan to save mankind from his sins. In the Synoptic Gospels, when Jesus struggled in prayer, he sweated like blood.

Judas, who had received 30 pieces of silver from the priest, felt sorry that Jesus was on trial and would be harmed. Judas returned the money, but Imam Kayas refused to accept it back. Judas, who had previously vehemently opposed all of Jesus’ ministry, finally turned sluggish and he chose to hang himself to end his life. In this case, there is no need for a tree-shaped property. The property that was used for Judas to hang himself was on a stage which had a ladder and a rope attached to an iron which was used to hold the stairs on the stage and with one movement, Judas’s head finally went limp. Several players were at Judas’ feet, giving the impression that Judas had indeed died hanging from his body.

At 1.34.50 minutes the crucifixion scene took place. Jesus only wore white trousers and bare chest, his hands were tied to the iron railing on the ladder that Judas had hung from earlier, only given the addition of horizontal iron. A sound of nailing was heard, giving the impression that Jesus’ hands and feet were nailed. It looks like Jesus is in excruciating pain. At 1.36.20 minutes finally Jesus’ head drooped, the music became soft, the atmosphere of emotion was created. Jesus was brought down from the crucifixion, embraced by Magdalene who wept bitterly. The theatrical musical performance was over. The audience in the opera house erupted in applause.

The closeness of Jesus and Magdalene, who are described as two lovers, is controversial and clearly not in accordance with the standard narrated by the source of the story, namely the synoptic gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If this is a teaching preached by a preacher in an attempt to influence a people, then it can be called a blasphemy, or insult. Communities that later recognize this truth will usually be referred to as sects or heretics (heretics).

But if the closeness of Jesus and Magdalene is as an artistic performance, then for the writer personally, although this can be called as degrading Jesus, it must be understood that this is the approach of an art. Art always talks about how stories can be more interesting and interesting for the audience or readers. What is presented in the drama or movie Jesus Christ Superstar  product of Compagnia Della Croce Del Sud   must be seen not as the truth, but only as a human interpretation in the context of performance. Regarding the explanation according to the standard or holy book, that is the duty of religious leaders to their people.

So that what is narrated in the movie Jesus Christ Superstar , Products of Compagnia Della Croce Del Sud , in the author’s opinion, should not be called blasphemy or humiliation in a hurry. Thus, there is no need for a demo to stop showing this movie, which can be viewed freely on You Tube at this time. Likewise, there is no need to bring the director or cast of the Jesus Christ Superstar movie made by Compagnia Della Croce Del Sudto court. The approach must be humane or humane. Everyone has freedom of interpretation and that needs to be respected. For any production, whether it’s movies, dramas, novels and other works of art that depart from strange interpretations, if consumers do not give high interest, over time the product will stop by itself. The proof is that the excitement in Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code novel, which went too far because it tells of Jesus marrying Magdalene, finally no longer appears in circulation.


By Jaya