The story of former Liverpool player Andriy Voronin flees Russia and is ready to take up arms to defend Ukraine

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DUSSELDORF, – Former Liverpool striker from Ukraine, Andriy Voronin, told how he fled from Russia and said he was ready to take up arms to defend his country.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine broke out last week, thousands of people have fled Ukraine for safer countries.

Voronin did the same thing.

Voronin, who now has a career in coaching, told how he fled from Russia after the Russo-Ukrainian war began.

The 42-year-old man was previously assistant coach of Russian club Dynamo Moscow.

But since the country where he worked attacked his homeland, Voronin chose to leave Russia immediately.

He refused to continue working in a country that was actually waging war in his country.

Voronin then agreed to terminate his contract with Dynamo Moscow and he and his family are now safe in Germany.

“We got out of Moscow before it was completely blocked,” Voronin said in an interview with Bild quoted by the Daily Mail , Tuesday (1/3/2022).
“We couldn’t land in Dusseldorf so we flew through Amsterdam. My father, my mother-in-law, my wife and children are here now,” he said.

Voronin also admitted that he did not expect that Ukraine would go to war with a lot of destruction in various regions.

“I’ve been feeling unwell for four days. Very bad,” he continued.

“When I look at all the pictures from my homeland, when I look at the news. Everything looks unbelievable like a movie. But a horror film. I have almost no words left,” said Voronin.

Voronin later also criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for his decision to invade Russia.

When asked what other countries like Germany could do to help Ukraine, Voronin asked other countries to stop Putin’s desire to attack his country.

He also hopes that Ukrainians who cannot get out are armed to at least be able to defend themselves.

Finally, Andriy Voronin who defended Liverpool in the 2007-2010 period emphasized that Ukraine will win this war.

But Voronin regretted the many victims who had to fall, saying that if he had been in Ukraine, he might as well have taken up arms.

“I am very proud of our country. We have a beautiful city, great people. We will continue to fight. And we will win,” said Voronin.

“But it’s very expensive. Everything that dies, we live in 2022 and not in World War II.”

“I have friends in Kharkov, in Kiev, in my hometown of Odessa.”

“I get a message every five minutes. It’s hard to bear. I just want to help. With money or whatever.”