The Halo series is now in its third week of streaming on the Paramount+ streaming channel. And during that time, the series has shown how tough and brave the Spartan troops from UNSC are, especially Petty Officer John-117 aka Master Chief (Pablo Schreiber). As a series that is adapted from a popular video game, of course there is a lot of material that can be taken and then applied to the universe of the series that takes place on the Silver Timeline.

And one of the most interesting material that has appeared in the series is the Spartan troops represented by the Master Chief and his Silver Team, where in Halo Universe itself there are actually many more formidable Spartans whose strength is no longer in doubt. To get to know more about the strongest Spartans in Halo Universe, who may also appear in the future Halo series, check out the list below, Geeks!


Kelly is one of the female Spartans who are part of the Spartan-II program with Master Chief. Coded Kelly-087, he is known as one of the greatest Spartans in the game Halo 5 : Guardians. While luck is her main advantage, Kelly-087 is also renowned for being a great Spartan in terms of speed and reflexes, even when she’s not wearing her Mjolnir armor. With his agility, Kelly often proves successful when protecting the cornered members of his Spartan team.


Among all the Spartans involved in the Spartan-II program, Kurt-051 was hailed as a strategist who was said to be smarter than the Master Chief himself. With his superhuman ability to read alarms, Kurt is one of the most important Spartans who can detect traps and impromptu attacks from the Covenant. With his rare ability, UNSC even begged Kurt to be willing to become a coach for graduates from the Spartan-III program who were generally tougher than him.


Frederic-104 may not be a strategist like Kurt, but many agree that he has the potential to be greater than Master Chief. This is because Fred is a Spartan whose abilities are all balanced, from luck, agility, strength, intelligence, and skill in using weapons. Even though none of his abilities are superior to the others, at least he doesn’t have any weaknesses. The Master Chief himself even goes so far as to acknowledge Fred’s prowess, having seen him kill many Covenants with just a knife.


Nicknamed Noble 6, Spartan-B312 basically has neither a real name nor a gender, as he is the protagonist played by the players in the game Halo: Reach. Different from the previous Spartans, B312 is a graduate of the Spartan-III program which is classified as a hyper-lethal Spartan, where the classification is only given to Spartans who are considered very lethal. It is said that a hyper-lethal Spartan can eradicate hundreds of Covenants on his own.


If Spartan-III has B312, Spartan-II also has a female Spartan called Linda-058. This is not without reason, because in her history when fighting against the Covenant, Linda was a sniper Spartan whose shots never missed. With her near-perfect accuracy, Linda doesn’t even need binoculars to make her shot hit the target. UNSC itself often sends him to carry out stealth missions, where no one should know his whereabouts.


The Spartan whose scenes are very short in this Halo game is actually the greatest of all Spartans. Nicknamed Samuel-034, he was the first and youngest Spartan of the Spartan-II program. However, his keen senses and skill in using heavy weapons have made Sam the greatest Spartan ever. Unfortunately, he is said to have died first due to sacrificing himself during a battle with the Covenants, which were more numerous.


Of all the Spartans in Halo Universe, there is no doubt that John-117 aka Master Chief is the greatest of them all. With countless battle experiences, almost all Spartans regard Master Chief as a living legend who is always used as a role model. With his very high luck, Master Chief has proven to be able to adapt to his surroundings, where he can become a sharpshooter, heavy weapons user, strategist, or as a Spartan who will instantly lunge at Covenant ranks with just his energy sword. That was why until now no one had been able to defeat him.

These seven Spartans have succeeded in proving their prowess as UNSC elite troops. Even for human colonies, these seven Spartans are assets as well as symbols of hope that will greatly influence human survival in the midst of the war against the alien Covenant. Those are the seven most powerful Spartans in Halo Universe. We can see the greatness of Master Chief himself every Thursday, when the Halo series airs on the Paramount+ streaming channel.

By Jaya