In The Near Future, The Latest Drama, One Of Which Stars Red Velvet’s Joy, Namely ‘Only One Person’ Is In The Production Process And The Group Members Are Showing A Sweet Attitude To This Idol.

Ahead of the airing of the latest drama, which will be starring Joy Red Velvet, sparks the enthusiasm of her fans to look forward to this. Not only the fans who give support, it is also known that the members of the group also pay attention to Joy.

On Thursday (18/11), Joy shared photos of coffee trucks and snack trucks sent by other Red Velvet members to the set of her new drama ” Only One Person “. In the upload, Joy gave a short photo description. “Red Velvet is the best! I love you! I feel excited!” wrote Joy.

In the photos, Joy is posing in front of a gift that is both eye-catching and in one video. He happily flaunts it while making hearts and says, “Thank you! I love you!”

This post is certainly a sign of significant attention. Many have memorized the habits of Red Velvet members who often support other members when they are involved in different projects. This shows that Red Velvet has a solid sense that is not only based on being friends but like siblings.

In addition, in the upload, Seulgi, who is a member of her group, commented on the upload. “I love you,” which includes a pun on Joy’s character name Sung Mi Do in the drama.

Besides, “Only One Person” is an emotional romance drama about three women who are seriously ill. The three meet at the hospital and decide that before they die they want to defeat one bad person. However, in their quest for revenge, these three women finally meet the most precious person in their respective lives. Here, Joy takes on the role of Sung Mi Do, a famous influencer whose age is not long in coming.

Meanwhile, Joy will compete acting with Ahn Eun Jin , Kim Kyung Nam , Kang Ye Won and several other drama actors. The drama is scheduled to premiere in the second half of 2021.

Penampilan Joy Red Velvet Kembali Disorot, Dinilai Mirip Boneka Saat Ambil  Angle Foto Begini

Joy Red Velvet’s Appearance Is Highlighted Again, Judged To Be Like A Doll When Taking This Angle Photo

The Visuals That Red Velvet’s Joy Has Have No End In Public Discussion Because They Are Considered Perfect, Recently She Has Also Received Attention From Netizens Because Her Body Shape Is Considered Proportional.

There is no doubt that Red Velvet ‘s Joy has visuals that amaze anyone who glances. Besides having a cute face, Joy’s tall body shape adds to her perfection as a celebrity.

Recently, netizens and fans alike were stunned after seeing Joy’s doll-like figure with long legs and slender figure. Initially this was made when an online community post was made on Wednesday (29/9).

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The online community post shared various photos of Joy and explained that the photos reveal what Joy looks like in real life. Then the upload includes various photos from social media showing Joy’s different poses while working as an MC on the SBS show ” Animal Farm “.

It can be seen that Joy is wearing a simple gray jacket over a leather skirt and wearing flat shoes. Despite not wearing high heels, Joy boasts of a tall slender figure with long legs. After seeing the photos, netizens commented on how well-proportioned Joy’s body was.

“She is beautiful,” commented netizens. “The proportions of his body are very real,” wrote another netizen comment. “She’s a princess”, “She’s the same height as me but looks taller than me”, “How does she look like that? Perfect in just flats?” write other netizen comments.

The owner of the real name Park Soo Young is known to have a height of about 168 cm. He became the tallest member among the other Red Velvet members. So do not be surprised if he gets attention because of his slender height.

Meanwhile, the idol born in 1996 was recently confirmed to be in a relationship with rapper Crush after being spotted hanging out together. The two were involved in love location after having a duet in the project song “Mayday” until it was confirmed dating at the end of August this year.

By Fuzy