Nicolas Cage stars as himself in The Thousand-Weighing Burden of Extraordinary Talent . Deep in debt, career faltering, home affairs going nowhere when his daughter and ex-wife are no longer close to him, Nicolas Cage of the present is the shadow of the movie superstar of the past. One day, a billionaire fan invited Nicolas Cage to his birthday party with a salary of $ 1 million. With no other choice, he accepted. It turns out that this trip will be the life-changing thing of the actor.

The Thousand-Weighted Burden of Outstanding Talent is an action comedy genre film, with elements of comedy leaning towards satire. And the subject of this satire is none other than the actor Nicolas Cage himself. It’s rare for an actor to like to make fun of himself. If they do, they must have their own reasons. In this regard, Cage is no exception. This film, with a humorous, purposefully ridiculous and “meta” story, contains many emotions of a star who has experienced ups and downs with her acting career.

It is difficult to label “good” and “bad” on the Thousand-Weighing Burden of Outstanding Talent . Although the story of the film has many problems, but if you look at it in terms of meaning and in the eyes of a Nicolas Cage fan, this movie is small and quite lovely.

The Collider
This is a movie that writers often call “buddy comedy“. It is a genre that focuses on close friends and often the plot will revolve around a relationship reminiscent of “same father and grandfather”. Calling this love a soulmate is not wrong. Here, the cast, undoubtedly the highlight of the film, is the main focus and the juggling between Pedro Pascal and Nicolas Cage is convincing.

As a comedy, The Thousand-Weighing Burden of Extraordinary Talent often forces the main characters into funny, sometimes ridiculous situations and absurd moments that are also extremely convincing. But thanks to the main actor couple, the film did not slide into a comedy. Because at times like these, even though it’s still comedy, the couple interweave lines of deep contemplation and understanding. It can be said that The Thousand-Weight Burden of Outstanding Talent is a comedy with many meanings about Nicolas Cage himself.

The New Dudes
Regarded as one of the most talented actors of his generation, Cage’s career did not always flourish. Despite his talent, many film projects hardly challenged the actor’s acting ability, so there was a time when people underestimated Cage’s acting qualities. But in The Thousand-Weight Burden of Outstanding Talent , the actor had a profound rebuttal to doubts about his ability. From ordinary people who recognize him and say that they love the movie The Croods 2 to the admiring look of a crazy fan Javi (Pascal) giving his idol, constantly reminding him of Face/Off, Guarding Tess, Leaving Las Vegas…and an “altar” of the films he has starred in, has reminded viewers of the versatility of Hollywood actors.

In him, there is almost something for a wide range of audiences. The Thousand-Weight Burden of Outstanding Talent also shows that he also knows how to come up with comedy and can role-play for a moment without any difficulty.

The Thousand-Weight Burden of Outstanding Talent is the heart of Cage in current Hollywood, which only favors flashy movies and ignores more character-heavy stories. The sighs when he explained the scripting to an FBI agent or the harmony and disagreement about the script between the male lead and Javi were also voices that somewhat poked fun at the bad habits of the movie capital. It seems that this is also a self-deprecating statement for himself, since Cage himself has led such projects ( Con Air is an example).

But the Thousand-Weight Burden of Outstanding Talent still gave Nicolas Cage a “salvation” in the form of a likable, sensitive and somewhat silly Javi performed by Pascal. Because of the support of this crazy fan, Cage suddenly had the motivation to act again. The climax that turns the film from comedy to action is not very smooth, but the intense chemistry between the two is a bright spot that makes up for the lack of unpredictability and spread ending. You may know the outcome in advance, but the friendship between the two male leads is still quite convincing and worth watching. Who would have thought that Pedro Pascal with the romantic, pensive look from Game of Thrones , The Mandalorian could be such a funny, loveable and “fanboy” man.

The Thousand-Weighing Burden of Outstanding Talent cannot be viewed with serious judgment. Movies of this genre cannot be viewed with logic. It’s been a while since a movie like this came out, probably from the days of The Hangover. Actually, this movie is for Cage fans and it’s okay if you’re not one of them. More laughter is never a bad thing. But it’s okay if you don’t like it. In the end, what the film wants to convey is that Nicolas Cage still has quite a few fans, at least in Hollywood, and he is truly talented – although sometimes only remembered through memes.

By Yas Il