Stray Kids , a boy group from South Korea from JYP Entertainment, has just released their newest mini album ‘ODDINARY’ on March 18, 2022 at 13:00 local time, with the main song ‘MANIAC’.

Of course, this makes Stays (as Stray Kids fans are nicknamed) from all over the world enthusiastically welcome it, especially in their comeback this time highlighting the charms of each member.

Their latest mini album contains 7 songs, of which 3RACHA consisting of Bang Chan, Changbin, and Han also wrote songs and became composers.

The album contains ‘MANIAC’, ‘VENOM’, ‘Charmer’, ‘FREEZE’, ‘Lonely Street’, ‘Waiting For Us’, and ‘Muddy Water’. Not only that, they also composed it together with VERSACHOI, their song producer. And cool again, the names of each member are listed as song arrangements.

On the other hand, their mini-album sales hit a new record that surpassed 1.3 million for pre-orders. This is a rapid increase from their previous album, ‘NOEASY’ which sold 930,000 pre-orders.

‘MANIAC’ itself expresses the members’ desire not to live within common limits. The fierce impression in the choreography combined with cool transitions adds added value to the music video.

You can see them moving around easily, just like in the world of imagination. In addition, his unique music will make it easy for listeners to resonate for some time to come.

To mark the release of the mini album ‘ODDINARY’, they held an online press conference this morning. At the conference, Seungmin explained that their latest album adds to Stray Kids’ strong charm.

Stray Kids ‘ album name is a combination of ‘ODD’ and ‘ORDINARY’, and can be interpreted as ‘something strange is normal’.



By Jaya