Who does not know this phenomenal footballer. He is Paul Pogba, one of the world-class players who are Muslim. The 29-year-old player openly admits his belief to the public.

Not feeling ashamed or afraid, Paul Pogba shows himself proud to be a Muslim. He often uploads his portraits on social media. Immediately, here are ten portraits.

1. Even though his mother is Muslim, Paul Pogba is not a Muslim by birth

2. Paul Pogba is known to be new to Islam and decided to convert to Islam after growing up

3. Proud to be a Muslim, Pogba is diligent in saying big Islamic days on social media. One of them every time the month of Ramadan comes.

4. Pogba often goes for Umrah, especially during the month of Ramadan. This is his portrait with Kurt Zouma, a footballer who is also a Muslim

5. In fact, Pogba is not ashamed to prostrate in the middle of the field when celebrating after scoring a goal

6. Love Islam, Pogba strongly supports the independence of Palestine as a Muslim country

7. Care for others, this is a portrait of Paul Pogba when he visited a children’s hospital in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

8. Pogba himself is known to have married his wife, Zulay, in Islam in 2018

9. This is the moment Pogba took his little family to visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi

10. This portrait was uploaded by Pogba while celebrating Eid last year, it fits!

From a line of footballers who are Muslim, Paul Pogba is one of the Muslims who actively shows himself on social media. He even voiced that Islam is beautiful, unlike the world’s perception which tends to view Islam with a negative stigma. Wow, happy fasting, Paul Pogba and family.






By Jaya