Every year, Japanese anime studios release various anime series titles with various genres, from slice of life , thriller, to horror . Unfortunately, not all anime that was released received a lively response. There are also many anime series that are less desirable and their existence is recognized among fans even though they are actually good.

In 2021, there are several titles that are classified as underrated anime series , even though they have exciting and interesting stories, such as the five anime that we will discuss in this article. Anything, huh? Immediately, we see the review.

Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song : Despite successfully obtaining a high rating on MyAnimeList (MAL), which is 8.49/10, until now, there are still many fans who are not familiar with Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song . Even though this series by WIT STUDIO has an interesting story and is not boring, you know.

This anime tells the story of Vivy, a robot with artificial intelligence (AI) who is assigned to entertain people by singing. However, one day, Vivy is faced with a future program that makes all AIs attack humans. Together with a robot named Matsumoto, Vivy tries to thwart the program so that in the future the AI ​​does not attack humans.

SK8 the Infinity : Even though sports are one of the most popular genres by anime fans, in fact there are still many who don’t know SK8 the Infinity . Many fans are also interested in this anime, but have not been motivated to watch it. Are you one of them?

In fact, the series, which is an original work by the BONES studio, has an interesting unusual story, you know. At MAL, SK8 the Infinity also received a good rating of 8.04/10.

SK8 the Infinity tells the story of Reki Kyan, a high school boy who likes skateboarding . He and his friend Langa are involved in a dangerous illegal skateboarding race . Slowly, but surely, Reki and Langa train together to win the race.

The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent : The adaptation of the light novel The Saint’s Magic Power Is Omnipotent deserves more popularity. That’s because this anime by studio diomedéa has an interesting story that is presented with stunning visuals.

The anime series, which received a rating of 7.26/10 on MAL, tells the story of Sei, a woman who works as an office worker. He was miraculously summoned to another world filled with various magical things.

Then, Sei became interested in making magical potions to heal wounds and illnesses. Over time, Sei began to master his magical powers and people considered him a Saint .

Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki : Don’t claim to be a fan of the romantic genre if you haven’t watched Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki . Having an interesting story, there’s nothing wrong with an anime with a rating of 7.17/10 on MAL, it’s on your watch list.

Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki tells the story of Fumiya Tomozaki, a student who likes to play games. Fumiya is a loner. He doesn’t even live his life the way he should.

Fumiya has the principle that life is just a game that sucks. However, his life changes when he meets Aoi Hinami, a popular girl at school. Aoi tells Fumiya to be serious about playing a game called “life”.

Shadows House : Produced by CloverWorks, Shadows House has an anti-mainstream and unique story , you know. Although not many know, this anime received a good rating of 7.76/10 on MAL.

Shadows House tells the story of a family called The Shadow. The family is inhabited by shadow creatures. Their appearance is like a black and dense shadow. They can emit a black soot when they feel angry.

When entering adulthood, each shadow will be accompanied by a living human doll. The shadow named Kate is accompanied by a human doll named Emilico. With opposite personalities, the togetherness between Kate and Emilico begins.

So underrated in 2021, a number of the anime series above deserve more attention from fans. So , which one do you want to watch first?

By Rama