Differences of opinion are normal. Especially when it comes to works of art such as films. Everyone must judge whether it is good or not with different criteria and standards.

As we know, opinions between viewers and critics are often contradictory. Not infrequently the audience’s favorite films were even cut down by critics.

Reported by Stephenfollows , the opinions of the two camps will be very unequal in certain genres, especially action . Summarizing from various sources, here are a series of action films that have been cursed by critics but are loved by the audience.

1. Rambo: Last Blood (2019)
After showing in theaters, Rambo: Last Blood was cursed by a row of critics. Reported by Variety , this film is considered a disappointment because it depicts Mexican citizens as antagonists. This film was accused of spreading hatred and aggravating the immigrant polemic that was hot in the United States at that time.

Despite the negative reviews, Rambo: Last Blood was received positively by the audience. There were even viewers who dared to go against the opinions of the critics. Reported by The Splintering , critics are considered incompetent in interpreting the film.

The reason is, all the characters in the film Rambo: The Last Blood are Mexican citizens, good or bad. This film only depicts drug cartels as criminals, not immigrants or native Mexicans.

2. Venom (2018)
Venom is one of the superhero films that critics hate. The proof, this film only gets a score of 30% on Rotten Tomatoes. Telling about the beloved character of Marvel fans, the technical aspects in this film are considered lacking and the story is disappointing.

Even though it was considered bad, the audience thought differently. According to a survey conducted by CinemaScore , audiences generally rate Venom a B+. Some may think that the score is not very high, but it must be admitted that it is not as low as the score given by the critics on Rotten Tomatoes.

Critics seem to have a personal grudge against superhero films. The reason is, after Venom , now it’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ‘s turn to be pelted with ‘rotten tomatoes’. Reported by The Wrap , the style of delivery of this film is considered to be a follow-up to The Dark Knight . Christopher Nolan has indeed revolutionized the superhero film genre, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to follow in his footsteps exactly.

Despite being reviled, the film was warmly welcomed by the audience. According to Vulture , Batman V Superman was the first film to score below 63% on Rotten Tomatoes but grossed $150 million in its first day. This film shows that the audience’s wallet is more meaningful than the gibberish of critics.

4. The Covenant (2006)
The Covenant is an action horror film that tells the battle of two young wizards. Even though it’s a horror genre, the scariest thing about the film is the critics’ ratings. They only sincerely give a score of 4% on Rotten Tomatoes. Reporting from The Sydney Morning Herald , The Covenant is a super badass film played with trash acting.

However, it seems that the audience paid no heed to the critics’ response. Reported by Vice , the film The Covenant reportedly earned the title of cult classic among female fans. The reason is because this film is played by a row of young actors who make the audience wrong focus. This is reflected in an audience score of 62% on Rotten Tomatoes.

5. Bad Boys II (2003)
This sequel to Bad Boys reaped an unsatisfactory rating from critics. The plot is considered cheap and considered harassing the previous film. As a result, this film only gets a score of 24% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Even so, the film, directed by Michael Bay, was warmly received by the audience. According to Fandom Wire , critics have lashed out at the film because the story is mind-boggling, but it’s perfect for viewers who just want to unwind.

From the five films above, it can be concluded that audiences and critics have very different assessment criteria. Critics’ reviews are just opinions, although they can help the audience choose a film , in the end it all comes down to individual taste. You agree?

By Rama