Talking about trendsetters , several Netflix series and movies have managed to become global trendsetters , you know. After the broadcast, the story and characters successfully became a byword among the audience, viral everywhere!

Curious about which Netflix original series and movies have managed to become global trendsetters ? Here it is, here, who is very famous, you must know!



1. Money Heist (2017-2021)
The Spanish series, Money Heist, is not only viral because of its story, but also has a big impact on social life. Money Heist prompted several demonstrations in several areas over the government’s corruption. The demonstrators appeared complete with red clothes and Salvador Dali masks.

This series is also a byword in Indonesia. Many followed the appearance of these money-printing office thieves. But unfortunately, Money Heist’s actions also inspired several thefts in several countries. Exactly the same, with the red dress and mask.


2. Squid Game (2021)
This Korean series is still very hot. His appearance is a new record for Netflix . Squid Game is selling well, watched by 142 million pairs of eyes worldwide.

One of the unique occurrences of the famous Squid Game is the number on the card that turns out to be a real phone number. The owner of the phone number is outraged and has been compensated by Netflix . Another interesting fact is that the star of this series suddenly became famous and a flood of followers on Instagram.

Many cafes and video games use the theme of this series to follow the trend that is going viral.

3. The Queen’s Gambit (2021)
This limited series from Netflix features the wonderful skills of Anya Taylor-Joy. Not only that, The Queen’s Gambit made chess suddenly popular with many people. It’s no longer the ronda postmen who play it, everyone wants to buy a chessboard. The fame of this strategy sport does not only occur in Indonesia, several countries are also reported to have felt the same phenomenon.


4. Bird Box (2018)
This Netflix original features Sandra Bullock’s suspenseful act of survival. The storyline requires them to close their eyes so as not to be seen by a scary figure. Using the same principle, people in different parts of the world try to walk with their eyes closed. But unfortunately, Bird Box was considered to have a dangerous impact, because there were drivers in the US who tried to drive blindfolded like in the movie.

5. Stranger Things
The series features visuals like the styles of Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter of the 1980s. Set in the 1980s, this series suddenly helped change the world’s fashion style with the appearance of pastel colors combined with bright colors. Before Stranger Things arrived, global fashion culture was still dominated by black and white or playing with neutral colors.

With the story, characterizations, and visuals of the film, it’s no wonder that the films and series above have become global trendsetters . Which ones have you watched?

By Rama