It is not surprising because it is related to the sophistication of technology that affects the business sector.

In running an online shop business , there are various things that must be considered so that it does not become a mistake in the business.

Launching Entrepreneur , here are a series of mistakes to avoid when you start an online business:

1. Having No Plan

The plan is an important aspect that must be considered when starting a business, even an online shop  .

Planning in business consists of various types, one of which is detailed and outline planning.

Unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to this business plan.

No need for a formal business plan, just a plan that is your guide to doing business.

Sujan Patel, marketing software company When I Work and founder of several SaaS startups, says, “You don’t need a formal 20-page business plan to successfully plan a business. You need to know who your customers are, what you sell, and what people are willing to pay for your product or service.”

In addition, knowing the cash you have and how long it will last is also very important. This is a precaution if the business is not profitable.

2. Too Much Focus on Small Details

When starting a business, we often think too much in detail.

In fact, if you think too much, this will actually make you take longer to start a business.

Instead of dwelling on the details of your business, focus on the tasks that will help drive your business.

3. Not Setting a Price

When starting a business, the price of the product is a consideration for entrepreneurs.

In order to attract customers, selling cheap prices can indeed be done. Even so, paying attention to the needs and benefits must also be done.

Have to take into account various things, such as shipping costs to the price of materials or products. Later this price will grow according to the level of your business.

4. Ignoring Customers

Nowadays, business transactions using the internet are so easy to do.

Because of that, it is so easy for customers to find your store and return to shopping.

Even so, the internet also creates a digital footprint that is difficult to remove. Therefore, don’t ignore customers because they have a big influence on the sales of your business.

5. Less Promoting Online

Maaih related to the internet, we sometimes pay less attention to online marketing.

In fact, in today’s technological era, social media has such a strong influence. For that, build your audience on social media........

Don’t forget to adjust the audience to your type of business so that it is right on target, my friend.

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