Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Official Synopsis

The legendary Akira Toriyama wanted to explain why the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has that title.

After the great success of the movie Broly that raised more than 115 million dollars, they will now release Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero . But… What does the title mean? It refers to the protagonists Gohan and Piccolo , or conversely the androids Gamma 1 and 2, who have programmed them to believe that they are superheroes.

Now, the film has already been released in Japan and those viewers who have gone to the cinema to see it have received a brochure where they can read the words of Akira Toriyama , the legendary creator of the saga, collaborator and advisor of this new installment. The most curious thing is that he reveals that he forgot that Dragon Ball had the word “Super” and that is why it is repeated twice in the title.

“I guess everyone thought I did this on purpose, because no one pointed it out to me. So it’s my fault that ‘Super’ is so repetitive.”

In other words, Akira Toriyama proposed the title of Super Hero and nobody corrected him that they would put Dragon Ball Super before and they went ahead. The funny thing is that the fans have accepted the title and there doesn’t seem to be a major problem with it being so repetitive.

What is the movie about?

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will bring us back to the Red Ribbon Army , as after being defeated by Goku a long time ago, they have now returned with two new androids that attack heroes. So Gohan and Piccolo must face them and save the world… One more time.

The film based on the most famous manga / anime in history has already been released in Japan and will arrive in the rest of the world this summer. Here we leave the trailer for you to enjoy as many times as you want:


By D14N