These enemies have strong characters that make their roles iconic

Who doesn’t know Batman? This popular superhero from DC does have a lot of fans because of his super cool characters.

However, not only the Batman character itself, but some of his enemies as well. Batman’s enemies who appear in several feature films make Batman’s action story more lively and interesting.

1966, where ‘Batman & Robin’ first appeared against the enemy, finally made a big screen version by Tim Burton 20 years later. That’s when Batman evolved, became darker and gloomy, then became colorful and cheerful, and even fought Superman. Changes in the character and appearance of Batman also affect how the characters and appearance of the enemies.

Here’s a ranking of the 10 most powerful Batman enemies on the big screen.

10/10 Riddler (Batman Forever)

When the ‘Batman’ franchise was taken over by Joel Schumacher, the gothic atmosphere that was presented in Tim Burton’s Batman films disappeared. The concept has changed with colorful cartoon-style visualization and characterization in the world of Batman.

A very suitable actor in playing the Riddler during the ‘Batman’ franchise is Jim Carrey. His acting was in the spotlight in the film ‘Batman Forever’ which he co-starred with Val Kilmer as Batman.

9/10 United Underworld (Batman 1966)

The film ‘Batman’ was originally a cult classic kitsch television in the 60’s. At that time Batman is shown doing strange things like dancing and playing chess with his protege, Robin or Dick Grayson. At that time, there were already enemies who appeared on the TV show.

1966 also released films with villains appearing in TV shows, and they were the most popular at the time, United Underworld. United Underworld consists of 4 members, including Joker (Cesar Romero), Penguin (Burgess Meredith), and Riddler (Frank Gorshin), and Catwoman (Lee Meriwether). They make for an attractive ensemble in the best possible way.

8/10 Scarecrow (Batman Begins)

The ‘Dark Knight’ trilogy leads the audience to Christopher Nolan, who directed the three Batman films which is one of the greatest trilogy ever made. One of the enemy characters in this film is Scarecrow/Dr. Jonathan Crane, played by Cillian Murphy. His brilliant acting is able to present a scary scarecrow.

It’s complex and dangerous, especially in ‘Batman Begins’. While never Batman’s main enemy, the Scarecrow remains one of his best enemies, even as he becomes an underrated enemy.

7/10 Bane (Dark Knight Rises)

Bane appeared in ‘Dark Knight Rises’ and became a dangerous enemy there. Although he is not the main enemy in this film and becomes Talia al Ghul’s minion, he is still the best enemy in this film and also a terrorizing monster. His interesting background and a tragic story because protecting Talia, he can be a terrible henchman at the same time.

Although there are flaws that Christopher Nolan and Tom Hardy found in the voice-over that make the speech difficult to understand, that’s not a problem. The characters are very good here, even some of his actions with Batman are the best scenes in the film.

6/10 Penguin (Batman Returns)

In this film, the character Penguin is played by Danny DeVito. He played the crime lord perfectly. This makes Colin Farrell, the actor who will play the Penguin in the film ‘The Batman’ which will be released this March, facing quite high audience expectations.

The Penguin character in ‘Batman Return’ is quite spectacular and has a pretty sympathetic background. His scary appearance helps the Penguin character get a dangerous impression. Danny DeVito’s acting also helped Penguin come alive.

5/10 Catwoman (Batman Returns)

Catwoman’s iconic enemy character also has a large cast because it changes frequently. Since her appearance on the TV show Batman in 1966, Catwoman has become a special attraction because of her character and relationship with Batman. Not a good relationship, but a hero and enemy who physically attract each other when they face each other.

Michelle Pfeiffer , who played Catwoman in 1992’s ‘Batman Returns’, has come under scrutiny for bringing sexual appeal to her character as well as presenting a sympathetic character. One of the enemies that ultimately made Batman save him.

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