Stray Kids Was Scheduled To Perform At Riyadh Season, The Largest Music Festival In Saudi Arabia, But Was Canceled Due To Bad Weather. Fans Were Also Faced With Transportation Problems.

Previously, several Stray Kids fans in Saudi Arabia were reported missing following the postponement of the concert. But is that right?

On January 14th, Stray Kids was scheduled to perform at Riyadh Season, the largest music festival in Saudi Arabia, but was canceled due to bad weather. Unfortunately, the fans had already gathered at the stadium and were suddenly faced with a transportation problem.

Men who are called dangerous and unknown kidnap the girls in the place. Upon hearing this news, international fans from various fandoms gave their support, sharing tips and resources to help those who were lost.

Several Twitter Spaces are also created to communicate with those who are lost or need help. Hours later, Saudi Arabian fans returning from the venue revealed that—unlike what was circulating online—the situation was actually “calm and safe.”

The video shows that the police are helping and protecting fans. Buses organized by STAY helped many girls reach home safely. In the end, they insisted that the situation was far different from what was depicted on Twitter.

A Saudi Arabian news site confirmed that it is not true that the fans were kidnapped. They stated that those who continued to spread the rumors would be prosecuted.

“There is no truth to what is circulating on social media about the harassment case that took place at a concert that was postponed before it started in Riyadh due to circumstances beyond our control, and anyone who spreads these rumors that undermines the efforts of the security forces will be subject to prosecution and legal liability,” reported The Saudi Post.

Some fans who were reported missing were found safely, didn’t exist, or faked their circumstances. Thankfully, all the fans made it home safely.

Here’s A Simple Way Stray Kids Overcome Hateful Sneaks From Haters

Working As A Celebrity, Of Course, Has The Risk Of Being The Subject Of Conversation Both Positively And Negatively, One Of Which Is How Stray Kids Tries To Overcome That.

It has become a risk for celebrities to often be in the spotlight, both with positive and negative responses. Like one of them, Stray Kids ‘ worldwide popularity has not escaped criticism from the public.

In an interview with Rolling Stone India, Stray Kids talked about how they handle negative and hateful comments. Lee Know wasted no time in admitting that it wasn’t easy.

Lee Know chose to prevent malicious comments from entering his head.

Then Changbin had a different approach to dealing with it. Changbin noted that some not-so-kind comments can be helpful but should not interfere with self-love. “Although there are some who can help, I don’t think there is a need to let our confidence down because of these malicious comments,” said Changbin.

Having the same statement as Lee Know, Changbin brushed off most of the negative words to decorate his day. “If the feedback helps your personal growth then accept it, and if it’s an unfounded criticism or degrading comment, I think we can chew and spit it out without remaining,” continued Changbin giving tips.

On the other hand, recently Stray Kids made their comeback with the album “NOEASY”. Through their song “Thunderous”, Stray Kids managed to set their own personal record which sold 1.1 million copies on Gaon Chart.

In addition, “NOEASY” also set a record as the first album belonging to an artist under JYP Entertainment to win the title of “Million Seller”. No wonder the album “NOEASY” which was released on August 23 is selling well in the market because they show extraordinary musicality.

Meanwhile, even though Stray Kids are also victims of hateful words from haters, the members of this group prioritize those who love them, namely fans.

By Fuzy