Thor Ragnarok is the third film in the Marvel superhero franchise, Thor. The film, which was produced by Marvel Studios and Disney Pictures, brings back Chris Hemsworth as God of Thunder and Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner aka Hulk. This third film tells about the destruction brought by Hela Cate Blanchett , Odin’s first child to Asgard. Finally, Thor with Hulk, Loki and Valkyrie formed the Avengers team to defeat Hela.

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Synopsis Thor Ragnarok
The film ‘ Thor: Ragnarok ‘ tells the story of the adventures of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) who returns to his hometown, Asgard, after hearing about various problems there. However, Thor lost his flagship weapon, and was trapped in a prison.

Hela (Cate Blanchett) the Goddess of Death destroys Thor’s main weapon, the mjolnir, using only his bare hands. After that, Hela ravaged Asgard and drove Thor to another planet, and in the end Thor was captured by Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), and Thor was brought to the Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum).

After that Thor was made a gladiator, and from that Thor’s appearance changed, which used to be long hair, now had to be cut short.

By becoming a gladiator, Thor is equipped with weapons such as swords and shields. Through the battle arena, Thor meets and must fight his opponent who is also his best friend, the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)

Thor must race against time to stop Ragnarok by battling Hela, a powerful enemy that is destroying Asgard.

The reason you should watch Thor Ragnarok
As usual, we will provide the advantages and disadvantages of the film being reviewed. Here are some reasons why you should watch this film:

+ Stories unrelated to the Avengers
As we all know, Thor and Hulk are members of Marvel’s Avengers. In Thor: Ragnarok, the story presented is purely about Asgard, the home of the God of Thunder. The story begins when Thor and Loki search for the spirit of Odin who is still wandering. When they get to Earth, Doctor Strange welcomes them and leads them to find Odin. After meeting, Odin told about the figure of their sister the Goddess of Death, Hela and she disappeared.

Shortly after Odin’s departure, Hela came to see Thor and Loki. At that moment, Thor’s Mjolnir Hammer was destroyed and his power was lost. Feeling somewhat threatened, Loki broke the seal to go to Asgard. Hela, who also entered the transport circle, fought Thor and Loki. The two Gods were blown away and entered a slum planet in another dimension.

+ Reunion with such a hilarious Hulk
After being knocked out of the portal, Thor wakes up on a planet full of junk. He was captured by the Valkyries and made a gladiator by the planet’s owner, the Grand Master. Thor prepared his armor and weapons, and felt incomplete without his hammer. He also chose a shield with two swords, and a winged hat like the comic version of Thor. Stan Lee also appeared as a cameo, he was the one who became the barber of Thor’s long golden hair.

Then, Thor entered the battle arena, very relaxed. The Grand Master then summons the champion, the “Incredible” Hulk in battle attire and two weapons like Hammer and Ax hit the arena entrance. Thor shouted with delight, then said, “We know each other, He’s my coworker.” Thor, who was not aware of himself, roared and lunged at Thor. After fighting for a while, Thor managed to land a punch.

Thor tried to calm the Hulk down again, “Hey, big guy.” Hulk replied, “The sun looks really low.” Thor slowly put his hand into Hulk’s as Natasha did. Suddenly, the Hulk grabbed Thor and slammed him back and forth to the floor. Loki looked very happy and said, “YEAH! That’s how it should be!”

Feeling pressed, Thor imagines the figure of Odin and releases his lightning power. Feeling out of touch, the Grand Master knocks Thor unconscious with a stun gun.

+ Lovely Doctor Strange
Doctor Strange appears at the beginning of the film. As we saw earlier in the international trailer, he appears to be conversing with Thor about his destiny. Early to Earth with Loki, Doctor traps Loki on a multiverse journey. Thor is led to Strange’s residence to find out what will happen. Strange greets Thor, telling him to put down the umbrella which is actually Mjolnir. Strange then brought Thor teleported to different places.

During the conversation, Strange asks why he brought Loki to Earth. Thor replied, “We want to find my father.” Doctor Strange decides to help Thor meet his father in the Astral world, Norway. He made a portal to Odin’s place, Thor took his umbrella which “seemed to destroy Strange’s house” and asked Loki to be returned. Strange made a portal and knocked Loki down, “I’ve been down… for 30 minutes!” Loki shouted as he exited the portal. “Let me explain to him,” Strange said to Thor. “You want to explain it to me? You think you’re a great magician, huh? Well, let me show you something…” Strange advanced his portal past Loki and Thor saying, “Bye bye!”

+ The true power of the God of Lightning
After the fight against the Hulk, Thor asks the Valkyries for help in defeating Hela. They stole the Grand Master’s fighter plane and flew to Asgard. Heimdall who was guarding the citizens of Asgard sensed Thor’s presence after previously speaking. Thor sat on Odin’s chair, Hela who saw him said “You in my chair!”

The two fought fiercely, Hela managed to injure Thor’s right eye and made him pressed. Hela asked, “I am neither a queen, nor a monster. I am the Goddess of Death. What God are you, huh?” At that time, Thor again imagined meeting Odin, then said, “He is too strong, without a hammer I can do nothing.” Then, Odin replied, “Are you Thor, the God of Hammers?” The true power of the Lightning God had finally awakened.

Disadvantages of Thor Ragnarok
Every film has its own drawbacks. In our opinion, here are the shortcomings of the Thor Ragnarok film:

– The fight between Thor and Hela is not too Hype
Indeed, Thor and Hela had fought, but few looked good. At the end of the film Hela is destroyed by Surtur who is resurrected by Loki using his mask and eternal flame. Even when the Hulk tries to fight Surtur, Thor seems to forbid him and chooses to leave Asgard on the verge of collapse.

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