Entering 2022, filmmakers are starting to compete to bring good news to film lovers through their latest works. Some of them are thriller genre films that are packed with adrenaline-pumping surprises.

Some of the films are continuations of the stories that had boomed a few years earlier. There are also films that adapt the stories of leading books.

For lovers of this suspense-filled film, you should first take a look at these five thriller films that will be shocking in 2022, come on!

Death on The Nile : Happy for those of you who are fans of the film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s legendary novel. In 2022, Death on the Nile is ready to take us for a walk on a luxury boat down the Nile with horror events that make goosebumps.

Reportedly released in February 2022, the film revolves around a prominent detective, Hercule Poirot, investigating the case of the death of millionaire, Linnet Doyle, on a ship after previously, the woman expressed suspicions of being followed by someone.

Shattered : Shattered is a film starring Cameron Monaghan as Chris and Lilly Krug as Sky. This love story wrapped in a thriller will begin to haunt in January 2022 in the United States.

Chris is a father of one child who separated from his former partner. He also finds a new mate, a woman named Sky with a temper that looks more and more strange by the day. Until a dangerous event hits Chris’ life which makes him have to fight to survive desperately.

Scream 5 : Ghostface is one of the iconic characters in the film thriller slasher titled Scream . This character is known for its terrifying characteristics. He has a wide black cloak accompanied by a skull mask with a wide gaping mouth.

Ghostface terror first appeared in 1996. Finally, this series aired Scream 4 which was released in 2011. Now, Sidney Prescott, who has survived the hunt from Ghostface many times, must return to Woodsboro after finding signs of the killer’s presence resurrecting.

The Northman : The Northman is one of the revenge thriller genre films that will color the cinema in April 2022. Starring Alexander SkarsgÄrd to Anya Taylor-Joy, the audience will be spoiled for taking pictures that are typical of the Vikings.

The story begins when a boy named Amleth witnessed the atrocities of a group of people who killed his father and took his mother. The anger that grew in Amleth’s heart led him to take revenge when he was an adult.

By Rama