Who doesn’t know about Titanic (1998), one of the ‘legendary’ films because it describes the history of the Titanic that sank more than a hundred years ago in the Atlantic Ocean—of course with the addition of a Jack & Rose romantic drama in it? But more than just a film that raises historical issues as well as a romantic-drama genre film, Titanic (1998) turned out to be a film filled with a lot of social criticism, including about women and social class issues. If all this time you thought the romantic drama story between Jack & Rose was just an ordinary love story, wait a minute. You may need to re-watch the movie Titanic (1998), because actually Rose is a woman who actively fights against oppression.

Titanic Movie Reviews (1998)

The film Titanic (1998) began with an expedition to rediscover the ship Titanic which had sunk in the Atlantic Ocean in 1912. The expedition was aimed at finding an expensive and rare diamond called The Heart of The Sea, which reportedly sank with the Titanic. After an uneasy effort, the diamond was never found—until the expedition team was contacted by a 100-year-old woman named Rose, who claimed to be a survivor of the Titanic tragedy and knew very well about the diamond. The film Titanic (1998) then follows Rose’s flashback story to 84 years ago aboard the most luxurious ship of the era.

Movie Titanic (1998), such as flashbacks, tells of an aristocratic woman named Rose. Forced and trapped in the social demands of the family, Rose is engaged to Cal, a wealthy British aristocrat who will propose to her in mainland America. Therefore, they sailed on the Titanic. On the ship, very depressed, Rose had wanted to end her life. It was then that he met Jack, a painter who didn’t come from a noble social class. Slowly but surely, Rose and Jack know each other and fall in love with each other, aboard the Titanic which they never knew would soon sink and sink in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

In a lengthy three hours, the film Titanic (1998) packs a good storyline and does not bore the audience. The romance of Rose-Jack and the tragedy of the Titanic are neatly and surprising, complementing each other. Of course, the climax lies in the tragic moments of the sinking of the Titanic after accidentally hitting an iceberg. Cinematography that is so professional in depicting the tragedy of the Titanic visually makes us lost for words.

The film Titanic (1998) is secretly full of social criticism that looks natural, from dialogue to additional scenes. Talks about differences in social class privileges, which are in stark contrast to the Titanic, color almost the entire storyline. Included in the love triangle between Jack, Rose and Cal. In the tragedy of the Titanic,although in the end money can’t save us either—we are invited to face the complicated reality that people from the lower socio-economic classes are indeed the ones who are the most victimized. Just look at the scene where the crew on board decided to close the waterproof door on the bottom ship to prevent the Titanic from sinking, regardless there were so many coal workers working hard behind the Titanic’s luxurious voyage. There is no guarantee of work safety for the rough workers of the Titanic and this is not missed in the film. Not surprisingly, Titanic (1998) is one of the legendary films that won 11 Oscars .

Closer to Rose in Titanic (1998)

“I am not a foreman in one of your mills that you can command. I am your fiancee.”

—Young Rose (to her fiancé, Cal), in the film Titanic (1998)
In Titanic(1998) we meet two figures of Rose. In the present, Rose is a 100 year old woman. After surviving the Titanic tragedy, Rose managed to live a long and happy life on the American mainland. In the past, as in flashback 84 years earlier to 1912, Rose was a young 17 year old girl. He comes from the English aristocracy and is educated, though he remains depressed and oppressed, especially in his relationships with his own mother and fiancé, Cal. By her overbearing, toxic and manipulative mother, she is taken advantage of and forced to marry Cal, in order to save their critically ill family after the death of her father who left him in great debt. His own fiancé turned out to be a possessive, patriarchal, and abusive noble man. who did not hesitate to yell, threaten, and be rude to Rose, and spied on Rose through his personal assistant, Mr. lovejoy.

Even though there wasn’t much she could do at first, young Rose was still a woman who fought against oppression. Rose is a rebellious woman. Watch how she intentionally blows smoke when her mother clearly says she doesn’t like her smoking (which is considered inelegant as a noblewoman). Or, how did Rose respond to Mr. Ismay (a businessman who is chairman of the White Star Line which initiated and financed the Titanic) with his knowledge of gender issues, “ Do you know of Dr. Freud, Mr. Ismay? His ideas about the male preoccupation with size might be of particular interest to you.He also makes it clear to his fiancé, Cal, that he’s not a worker Cal can ask for, he’s Cal’s fiancé—though this is met with a very patriarchal perspective and an abusive act by Cal turning the table full of their breakfast dishes.

Rose fights Cal’s patriarchal and abusive oppression in a clever way. He asks Jack to paint her naked, wearing only the The Heart of the Sea diamond that Cal gave her. “ Jack, I want you to draw me like one of your French girls. Wearing this. Wearing only this. Jack painted Rose professionally. Before Rose goes on the run with Jack, the painting of Jack is accidentally kept by Rose in an iron vault in her room, along with The Heart of The Sea diamond , and a side note to Cal: “Darling, now you can keep us both locked in your safe.Cal’s patriarchal oppression.

Yes, maybe not many are aware that the film Titanic (1998) in addition to telling stories about the tragedy of the shipwreck of the Titanic, actually focuses on telling stories about Rose’s life. Rose is the (most) main character in the film Titanic (1998). Titanic (1998) tells the story of Rose who is frustrated and depressed because of the pressures she has to face, trapped by family demands and social class demands. Titanic (1998) also tells the story of Rose who finally meets Jack, who helps her to survive and move on with life. But wait, even so, Titanic (1998) doesn’t just tell the story of “a woman saved by a man”.


Jack : You’re right…only you can do that.

—Titanic (1998)
Titanic isn’t about Jack saving Rose, like a handsome prince kissing Snow White so he can wake up. Rose is in active control of her choices: Rose who chooses to hold Jack’s hand and refuses to jump into the ocean in an attempted suicide, Rose who chooses to never continue a relationship with Jack after a country music party on the third grade deck, Rose also chooses and tells Jack that he would go with Jack when the Titanic landed on the American mainland. Rose and Jack, you could say save each other between each other. Rose also saves Jack who is locked on the lower deck for allegedly stealing The Heart of The Sea diamonds, even though he knew it was risky because the Titanic was sinking. In this gripping scene, Rose is described as very brave to fight her fear and anxiety. Rose also chose not to get on the lifeboat because she couldn’t leave Jack alone. “You jump, I jump” seems to be the promise of this couple.

About Rose falling in love with Jack? Nor is it solely because of Jack, played by Leonardo DiCaprio good looking it . Rose fell in love with Jack because Jack could understand her, amidst no one else could. ” You see people, ” Rose said to Jack. Maybe it’s because Rose sees Jack as being so ‘free and free’ and doesn’t seem like an aristocrat full of social class demands. Jack is also 180 degrees different from the possessive, patriarchal, and abusive Cal. Jack could appreciate Rose as an independent woman with her own choices.

Rose is described as a smart woman. Rose reads books (including socially critical ones) and is highly educated (though her mother considers education solely to find a better husband). Rose also asked critically to Mr. Andrew (engineer designing the ship Titanic) about the number of lifeboats lacking, after he counted them himself as they went around the ship. As an aristocratic woman, Rose is not carried away by privilege. He can dive into the reality of a human tragedy when Cal and Ruth, his mother, only think about their personal interests as the upper class and refuse to think about the fate of the lower class passengers who will die from lack of lifeboats. Rose can even break away from her social class privileges and blend into the lower social classes with Jack. After losing Jack to death due to hypothermia in the Atlantic, Rose, who survived the Titanic tragedy, chose to survive alone rather than return to Cal, who also survived the tragedy and managed to anchor in mainland America. Rose in Titanic (1998) is one of the strong female characters in the film,rebellious , and active against oppression.