Thomas D. Cat and Jerome A. Mouse – or more popularly known by their nicknames, Tom and Jerry, created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera won Academy Awards? Before becoming popular with millions of eyes worldwide through the animated television series that aired since 1975, Hanna and Barbera made the characters Tom and Jerry the stars of their 141 animated short films produced and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios from 1940 to 1958. During this era, Tom & Jerry won the Best Animated Short Film category at the Academy Awards seven times.Tom & Jerry: The Movie , directed by Phil Roman and released in 1992, became the first film in the Tom & Jerry series to hit theaters. Nearly three decades later, Warner Bros. Pictures tried to revive the popularity of Tom & Jerry by producing a film of the same name that put the animated characters Tom and Jerry in real life as the background story.

Directed by Tim Story ( Shaft , 2019), the latest big screen version of Tom & Jerry , of course, still presents the cat character and the mouse character fighting in their every encounter. Their feud turned out to be a problem for a young girl named Kayla ( Chloë Grace Moretz ) who had just started her job at a luxury hotel in New York City, United States. Jerry’s choice to stay in one of the rooms at the hotel where Kayla works makes Kayla get an assignment from her boss, Terence ( Michael Peña ) and Mr. Dubros ( Rob Delaney), to get rid of the rat as their hotel will be the location of a lavish wedding for a billionaire couple, Ben ( Colin Jost ) and Preeta ( Pallavi Sharda ). Kayla then hires Tom to hunt down Jerry. A choice that is actually quite reasonable but produces so much chaos in Kayla’s daily life.

There’s nothing really new about the feud between the characters Tom and Jerry. However, it is quite disappointing to see Warner Bros. Pictures seems to only stick with a collection of jokes with the same tone or storylines that tend to be of a cliché quality in their first attempt to reintroduce Tom & Jerry to a new generation of viewers. Attempts to combine animated storytelling with live-actionwhat this film presents itself can actually still be enjoyed – especially for young viewers and connoisseurs of family films. The choice of Story which tends to present the rhythm of the story quickly is also sufficient to support the various chaos that is present due to the competition between the two main characters of the film which continues to be the focus of the story of this film. It’s quite entertaining though it never really feels really alluring.

The script by Kevin Costello ( Brigsby Bear , 2017) does seem to be designed to present a strong nostalgic impression in the presentation of the Tom & Jerry story . At the same time, it clearly feels shallow enough to present a line of characters who have absolutely no character exploration or strong storytelling that will be able to make the audience feel interested in continuing to follow their story. Tom & Jerry are lucky enough to have Moretz, Peña, Delaney and Ken Jeong– whose presence is so wasted by this film – who is still able to endure shame and continue to try to bring the shallow characters they play to life. The rest, Warner Bros. Pictures seems to have to try even harder so that the characters of Tom and Jerry are able to compete with other modern animated characters which have now been able to be presented with a much deeper dimension of storytelling in order to keep up with the times.