Most Talked Korean Dramas As in previous weeks, Good Data Corporation has released a weekly ranking of the most talked about dramas in the first week of March 2022. The ranking is determined based on data from news articles, blogs, online communities, videos, and social media.

Reporting from Kpopmap, here are the 10 most talked about Korean dramas in early March, which were released by Good Data Corporation on Tuesday (8/3/2022).

1. Twenty Five Twenty One

For four weeks in a row, the Korean drama Twenty Five Twenty One , starring Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk, is still loyal to the top position.

This Korean drama tells the story of a teenage fencer who has big ambitions and meets a hard-working young man who is trying to rebuild his life.

2. Young Lady and Gentleman

Next, there is the Korean drama Young Lady and Gentleman. This Korean drama, starring Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Se Hee, managed to go up two levels, and is now in second place.

Young Lady and Gentleman is a romantic drama about the story of a widower with three children who has a greater interest in their children private tutors.

3. Business Proposal

The Korean drama Business Proposal managed to occupy the third position in the list of the most talked about dramas in the first week of March.

Starring Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Sejeong, this drama presents a romantic story between a worker and the CEO of his company who accidentally meet on a blind date.

4. Forecasting Love and Weather

The fourth position is occupied by the Korean drama Forecasting Love and Weather. Starring Park Min Young and Song Kang, this drama is down two places from its position last week.

This office romance drama depicts the work and love stories of people who work at the Korean national weather forecast service office.

5. Thirty Nine

Thirty Nine has decreased by two levels so that now the Korean drama, starring Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, and Kim Ji Hyun, is in fifth position.

Tells the story of three friends who stand together and lean on each other to go through love and sorrow in living life, love, and friendship at the age of 39.

6. Through the Darkness

Having decreased one level, the drama Through the Darkness is now in sixth place. This Korean drama stars Kim Nam Gil, Jin Seon Kyu, and Kim So Jin.

Through the Darkness is a drama based on the story of South Korea first criminal profiler who struggles to read the minds of serial killers.

7. Military Prosecutor Doberman

Military Prosecutor Doberman is the next drama to fill the seventh position on the list of most talked about dramas earlier this month. This Korean drama stars Ahn Bo Hyun and Jo Bo Ah.

Military Prosecutor Doberman tells the story of a military prosecutor who works for money and fame and another military prosecutor who works for revenge.

8. Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 3

The eighth position is occupied by the Korean drama Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce) 3. This drama last week took sixth place, but this week it fell two places and was in eighth position.

This Korean drama presents the story of three women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s whose lives change when they find out that their husbands have cheated on them.

9. The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won

After occupying the tenth position last week, now the drama The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won , starring Joo Sang Wook, Kim Young Chul, Park Jin Hee, and Ye Ji Won has risen to ninth position.

The King of Tears, Lee Bang Won is a traditional epic sageuk about the story of King Taejong, or Lee Bang Won, who helps his father overthrow the Goryeo Dynasty and establish the Joseon Dynasty.

10. Tracer

Down one place from last week, the drama Tracer , starring Im Siwan, Go Ah Sung, Son Hyun Joo, and Park Yong Woo, is now at tenth place on the list.

Tracer is an action chase drama that depicts the hard-working performance of Korea national tax service office, a place that is known to be scarier than a courtroom to some.

Those are the most talked about Korean dramas in the first week of March. Out of all of them, which drama have you watched?

By Jaya