So half of 2022 has passed, but the film market has not shown any signs of recovering as before. The annual blockbuster summer is still bleak. However, it seems that the box office has had a positive signal called Top Gun: Maverick with the current revenue of billions. This is the first movie in the second half of 2022 that can reach numbers that the Marvel and DC movies can’t. Because they, while impressive, still don’t have a trump card – Tom Cruise. Confronted with Shang-Chi, the Eternals, Doctor Strange and iconic Batman, the actor proves one thing – Movie stars still exist.

It’s interesting to think about the increasingly exceptional case in Hollywood named Tom Cruise. This actor is not a unique beauty compared to contemporaries like Brad Pitt or Leonardo DiCaprio. Tom also does not “indulge” method acting like the names Heath Ledger, Christian Bale. The actor’s fortune has more popular films than art genres. But he delivers roles that can be called milestones for any actor. Tom Cruise – an actor who not only survived but also rose strongly in the superhero era in Hollywood, a “David” standing in front of the “Goliaths” with the movie brand name. How did he do that? The answer is a long effort and a combination in and out of the film studio.

It is undeniable that Marvel and their cinematic universe have brought about a sweeping change in Hollywood. In the biggest movie capital in the world right now, superheroes and so-called cinematic universes – movie franchises, have pushed back the aura of the movie star age. It was an era when movies wanted to be successful with famous actors (Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro, James Dean, Al Pacino, Tom Hank, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio…). Recent movies have stopped relying on this. Viewers come to the theater not because of the actors, but because of the brand. And no one does it easier than Marvel and DC with superhero icons.

The day the MCU was born is the day when the names behind the roles don’t matter anymore. The day Batman flies across the screen is the day when cinemas no longer worry about who knows who the Ben Afleck or Robert Pattinson biographies are. Whether they can show the core of Captain America, Iron Man or Superman is interesting. But Tom Cruise is one of the few remaining exceptions. His charm over the years, in the age of streaming, has not diminished. Every single movie is a true box office magnet – like Top Gun: Maverickrecently demonstrated, before that was Mission Impossible 6 . Whether it’s the main actor, producer or writer, movies with the Tom Cruise label are guaranteed to be profitable.

We have to wonder after all these years, what makes a movie star and what makes a movie star like Tom Cruise? A great actor gives us an authentic character, but a real movie star brings “them” to the role. Features only they have, the gestures they make that stick to anyone else are just clumsy and out of place. You can’t separate The Godfather from Marlon Brando, Jack Sparrow from Johnny Depp and certainly can’t separate Tom Cruise from Ethan Hunt. That’s a prerequisite, but it’s not enough. A movie star is someone who can make you fall in love with their charisma, whether before, during and after filming. No one does it better than Tom Cruise in terms of charisma.

Calling Tom Cruise a stereotypical actor is a mistake. In his illustrious career, the actor has “weighed” roles from popular to roles that require psychological weight. In addition to the almost invincible Jack Reacher, the knowledgeable Ethan Hunt, and most recently the brave pilot in Top Gun, Cruise also left a deep impression on Lestat – a thousand-year-old vampire. fall in love with widowed estate owner Louis (Brad Pitt) in Interview with a Vampire (1994) . This is a vampire movie about a vampire who is searching for a real life even though he is theoretically dead. Aside from a Brad Pitt playing the sentimental Louis, Cruise’s Lestat is the extreme of lust, instinct and freedom no longer limited by mundane boundaries.

Independence | Interview with a Vampire
Cruise played Major Daniel Kaffee trapped in a defense for two soldiers accused of killing another in A Few Good Men (1992) . Kaffee had to choose between staying loyal to the military’s toxic tradition or fighting for its victims. In A Few Good Men , without the need for explosions or fights, Cruise’s Daniel Kaffee reveals the strong tension of a man who has been attached to the military, witnessed injustice from his superiors and longs for protection. the weaker, even if it has to go against the immutable military rule of “authority first”. Cruise also gave an emotionally explosive performance in Jerry MaGuire (1996).when playing a professional player manager who wants to create a more meaningful life and career.

Cruise rarely acts as a villain, but once he does, it will be a villain that leaves a strong mark. In Collateral Damage (2004), people witnessed the cold, ruthless and manipulative face of the hired assassin Vincent when forcing a gentle taxi driver to become an accomplice in 5 consecutive missions.

Variety | Collateral Damage
As can be seen, Tom Cruise tried in many genres until emerging as an action hero. But there will be a phenomenon like this. You will find his roles have an uncanny resemblance. That’s because Jack Reacher, Ethan Hunt, Vincent, Kaffee, Lestat… are not the roles of Tom Cruise, but Tom Cruise is all of them. There’s a difference. As noted above, a movie star brings himself to penetrate into their role and that’s exactly what he did.

It’s true that Tom Cruise has a writer, a director, a cinematographer, and a stunt is always a ready option, but Cruise never needed one. The scripts in those films establish his characters as individuals who know how to establish their own authority but are not condescending, who are dynamic, determined, a little arrogant, but always willing to learn. new things, a person who is always imbued with human values, he is also very friendly and humble (as his interviews and talk shows have proven). You know what? Tom Cruise built that image even when he wasn’t filming :

Although Tom Cruise has never once put on the most iconic masks and capes of the superhero world, the actor is a true hero with movies. Rarely does an actor, no matter how famous, can confidently turn down the streaming contracts that have changed the face of Hollywood. The name Tom Cruise has never appeared in an original project of any streaming channel. Mission Impossible was a success before the MCU even took shape. Top Gun is even ahead. If you want to see Tom Cruise and his latest movie, go to theaters! The challenge gives the cinema a knighthood with energetic jumps.

Deadline | Mission Impossible 6
He taught himself the skills to perform his stunts, with experts in the field of course and listening to their safety advice. Cruise will learn how to fly a helicopter, climb the world’s tallest tower or hover over a cliff, participate in jet pilot training to make a scene as realistic as possible. Cruise motivates his co-stars, inspires and sets an example for his juniors, as when he collaborated with Henry Cavill. Cruise wants to convince them to be as frivolous as he is. Cruise challenged the perception of those who thought he was too short to really be as threatening as he did when he played Jack Reacher. According to the original, Reacher is a character who can scare people with just his tall stature. Cruise proved them wrong:

Cruise gets angry when someone violates safety rules during the filming of the Covid season, simply because it affects the movie, the participants and the waiting audience. Outsiders will find him hot-tempered, but fans who see him know how to care. Others wondered why he had to plunge headfirst into such completely avoidable dangers, moviegoers overwhelmed by the epic shots and such candid co-stars will remark on how dedicated the actor is. .

It can be seen that the beautiful words that describe Cruise’s characters are no different from describing him in real life – a quiet hero who cares, is steadfast in adversity and dedicated to what he wants to do. As a result, we are not interested in Cruise because of Ethan Hunt, but interested in Ethan Hunt because he is portrayed by Tom Cruise.

Deadline | Jack Reacher
Each of Cruise’s incarnations has a glimpse of the actor’s confidence, and Cruise’s powerful and powerful actions. He dominates his scenes in a very natural way. Cruise represents an epochal masculinity that is carefully measured between the well-received and the outrageous. The actor made sure it wasn’t over the threshold of discomfort. In short, each role is a face of Tom Cruise.

Thus, from frame to frame, off set, Tom Cruise has created a movie star when combining the talent and charm that he blows into the character in the movie to the person in real life – at least when in the “spotlights”. This combination, the combination we see, has made Tom Cruise famous. People are drawn to Cruise’s personality and the characters that bring Cruise into the film, whether it’s a vampire or a spy. Since then, there’s undeniably genuineness in every single time Cruise plays someone in a movie. The enduring charisma has made Cruise appear in any role with a strong and believable aura. And we always like strong and reliable ones. So even if the movie sucks, Tom Cruise still gets the recognition of the audience.

Variety | Top Gun (1986)
Top Gun: MaverickThe past few years are proof that Tom Cruise’s charm has never waned over the past decades. Let’s admit it honestly! Do you remember what Top Gun was about when it was released in 1986 without any internet reference? Top Gun: Maverick — the movie that came out nearly four decades later — still doesn’t mind this, since it features Tom Cruise.

After a very long process, Cruise was defined as a true movie star. This is a natural process in Hollywood, as Marlon Brando went, as Johnny Depp scratched, and as Leo DiCaprio worked hard. But now, movie brands have changed that. A successful brand will give lesser-known actors a step to fame. It’s not that they don’t have talent, it’s just a lack of luck. Unlike their seniors, actors from big brands coming out of course can’t become big stars right away, but they have more opportunities to prove themselves, Chris Pratt and Chris Hemsworth are two good examples. Figure. Instead of having to run long distances, they are more fortunate to be able to shorten this long process. That might be our luck too, to see more talent. But it also brings up the sad fact that Tom Cruise is becoming the last true movie star in this franchise era.

The article listed here has listed quite a few names, but the writer still calls Tom Cruise the last true movie star. Because so far, no one in the star ranks of the actor’s age has kept the same form as the star of the Mission Impossible series . At the age of 60, Tom Cruise still shows no signs of slowing down, despite the bumps in his career and private life.

However, hope is still glimmering. Hollywood is waiting for a more potential generation that does not use movie brands as a springboard like Timothee Chalamet, Saoirse Ronan. But it will be a long time before we have a second Tom Cruise, or none at all.

By Yas Il