The drama Twenty Five- Twenty One just aired its last episode last Sunday night. The drama that has been accompanying drama lovers weekend for two months is now over.

This 16-episode drama was able to become the most talked about drama for several months. The main actors, namely Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim TaeRi, also managed to become the most talked about actors and actresses during this drama airing.

Set in 1998, this drama is able to anesthetize the audience with an unusual plot and story from other dramas. This drama is able to show the setting of the place according to the period. This is certainly an attraction in itself. Where in those years many things happened.

Started in 1998, this drama is able to show the character growth of each of the drama’s players. Watching this drama we will see how the journey of life that must be faced by the players in this drama. Starting from family, friendship, and love. This drama is able to describe each of its characters so well that it fits perfectly.

As one of the viewers of this drama, I also feel that this drama is one of the best dramas this year. Presents the story of young people with all their problems and how they live their lives. For me, this is a drama that is so memorable and memorable. Every episode of this drama always leaves a lasting memory.

After watching this drama I saw some things that really relate to real life. Here’s the review

First, the person who accompanies us in difficult times may not necessarily accompany us forever

The first thing that is so relatable to real life is that we have someone who accompanies us in difficult times. But he can’t accompany us forever. Sometimes he is only here to accompany us temporarily, not forever.

This is what happened to Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin. Both of them have supported each other. They fill each other up and encourage each other in their toughest times. But in the end they had to part because of circumstances.

The more mature we will be made to understand that to live a relationship is not only enough with love but there are many other considerations. No matter how strong the love we have, if fate doesn’t allow it to be together, then the relationship can end.


Even though that person has accompanied us for so long and made good memories together, the reality is that we can’t be together forever. There are things beyond our control that we cannot control.

Things like this may be experienced by some people. Many have had a relationship so close that it seemed inseparable. But as time goes by they understand that they can’t be together.

Someone who is always there for us, may not always be there. Many unexpected things will happen in the future. Even though there are many beautiful memories that happened, this cannot be a guarantee that the relationship will last long and be together forever.

Sometimes someone is sent into our life just to give color temporarily not forever. We never know what will happen next in our life.


Being with someone for such a long time does not necessarily mean that the relationship will last a long time.

Second, there will always be people who will comment on the decisions we make.

In living our lives, we certainly cannot be separated from other people. Because humans are social creatures who depend on other people. So we will continue to intersect with other people.


Our life can never be separated from other people. Including in terms of making decisions. The decisions we make usually cannot be separated from other people’s comments. Yet they do not know anything about our lives.

Despite the many comments about the decisions we made. It should not make us feel worried or anxious. Whatever decision we make believe in ourselves. Because the one who knows about our condition and situation is ourselves.

This is what happened to Ko Yu Rim when he decided to change his citizenship from Korea to become a Russian citizen. Many criticized the decision he made. Even accusing him of being a traitor to the state. But other people do not know how the conditions that must be faced and the reason why he made the decision.

When making a decision, of course, we have considered many things and chose the best. Even so, there are definitely people who comment on this.

By Jaya