The ending of the movie Age of Twenty-five, Age of Twenty-one has left huge question marks for Korean movie fans.

The last episode of the drama ” Twenty-Five, Twenty -One” – a recent “hot hit” Korean drama stopped at episode 16. Although there have been many previous hints that this drama will not have a happy ending, However, moviegoers still hold on to hope with a spin from the screenwriter. But things were clearly worse with a disappointing ending.

The side characters have a nice ending while the main couple breaks up

Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do’s romance has officially ended in the last episode, even though there are really beautiful love scenes. Meanwhile, supporting characters like Ko Yoo Rim and Moon Ji Woong, Seung Wan and Back Yi Hyun have happier endings. All characters go through difficulties and challenges to grow up step by step, then succeed and stay together in the end. Ji Woong and Yoo Rim had a period of long-distance love, but still waiting for each other to get married, Yi Jin’s younger brother still had time to grow up to come to Seung Wan.

On the main line are Yi Jin and Hee Do, experiencing a lot of ups and downs, from family circumstances, work pressure, and maturity. They also had a love like many other couples, loved yes, argued yes, understood yes, but in the end chose to be apart.

Character image is not consistent

As a film about youth, Baek Yi Jin is built with a quieter image than Hee Do, because he is older and also has to bear the responsibility of shouldering the family. However, it can be seen that throughout the film, Yi Jin is always steadfast in every choice related to Hee Do, from small to large, all of his thoughts are for Hee Do, such as in the scandal of the case. Golden chapter or documentary filmmaking times. It must be said that thanks to Hee Do, Yi Jin has become much stronger, able to become a support for his family and even his girlfriend. As for Hee Do, at the age of 19, this girl is very “silly”, her personality is very strong compared to other girls of her age. A special feature is that despite growing up over the years, she has always been a very strong and persistent girl with her decisions, she will try her best to achieve whatever she wants.

However, in the last episode, Yi Jin became very weak, even though he knew the pressure from his profession, work and many other things pressed on Yi Jin to the point of obsession, it wasn’t like he always had bad things before. worse, but still trying with Hee Do? So why are you ready to leave your loved one behind and pursue a career right now?

Hee Do is not much better, she becomes selfish and gives up easily in the last episode. A person who has spent hours practicing fencing to achieve his goal, someone who is willing to spend his savings to learn how to make a chair just because he misses his father, becomes easy to give up on the person he loves despite still having love. cold? The film builds a deep love story despite the times, two people were together, grew up together, became better together, but had to part with reasons of fatigue, distance, support. the household of one does not touch the other. This reason, compared with the difficulties in the previous 15 episodes, is really not reasonable enough compared to the image of the two characters built from the beginning of the movie.

Many details seem meaningless

After Yi Jin and Hee Do decided to end it, the writer seemed to mess things up with the following scenes. Is it possible that an argument with words that hurt each other is enough to push emotions to the climax for this breakup to take place? According to the writer, no, especially with the 2 main characters with built feelings that are stronger through the storm.

As usual, both will suffer, try to overcome and the ending can be happier when they each have another life without the other. But at Age Twenty-Five, Age Twenty -one, the scriptwriter let them meet after breaking up, explain everything, share each other’s thoughts and feelings so that each other can understand better. And what everyone knows for sure is that they still love each other very much. The climax is the act of bending down to tie Hee Do’s shoes, an act of affection. It was as if they would have made a different decision, but no, the scriptwriter made viewers angry, because these details did not help to come to a better ending.

In addition, there is also the last scene where the security question about first love, the answer is Na Hee Do. The meaning of this scene may want to evoke the beauty of first love, of youth, but including it here is misleading because everything ended in bitterness.

The ending is open but doesn’t solve the bottom line

The biggest question of the online community is who is Min Chae’s father? From start to finish, viewers always wonder if it’s not Baek Ji Yin, then who? Who made Hee Do retire at the age of 26 to get married? The film does not reveal a single clue to the matter.

And if she is really married, is Hee Do happy when she is always nostalgic with the image of her first love? Keep the memorabilia, broadcast it live, but still remember that the left side of your face is more beautiful, the eyes when facing the old love are also full of turmoil. He later named his furniture store 2521.

Looks like Hee Do has been stuck forever at the age of 21. But many scenes contradict this intention. That is the fact that she flatly denied the past, rejected the group of 5, forgot the memory of the first time going to the beach with F5. When she was given her own diary back, she nostalgic everything and returned to the tunnel that year. And Na Hee Do at the age of 40 seems lifeless and shows no sign of still being with her friends, including her best friend – Ko Yoo Rim. After all, what is the message of the movie? Youth, youth, hope? It can be said that the writer wanted to give the film an open ending, but this “opening” seems to be incomplete, so it has turned into a “bad” ending.

In short, if only the scriptwriters gave Yi Jin and Hee Do a different ending. That Hee Do or Yi Jin both have their own happiness in the present, even though they are not together, they still cherish the beautiful moments of their youth, which must be a more meaningful message than this opening. If it went this way, Twenty-Five, Twenty-One could have been a perfect movie. Anyway, this is undeniably a movie worth watching with outstanding points from the shooting colors, actors’ acting to the story line. But in the end, it made the series head and tail like this!

By Yas Il