Almost All TWICE Members Wear Comfortable Black Clothes When They Arrive In South Korea From America. They Wear Simple But Still Attractive Clothes.

TWICE appeared at the airport in impressive fashion after finishing their concert tour in North America. The members’ all-black airport attire received praise from netizens.

After a series of successful concerts in North America, TWICE returned to South Korea. Due to busy schedules and long travel times, the members couldn’t hide their tiredness.

Almost all the members are wearing comfortable black clothes. They wear simple but still attractive clothes. The three Japanese members are attracting the most attention for their impressive looks, aura, and outfits.

Wearing a brocade trench coat, turtleneck, and jet black sunglasses, Mina Myoui ‘s chic aura suddenly increased drastically. To make her outfit stand out more, the idol chose a white bag.

Sana also wears sunglasses and black clothes. But he looks young and dynamic. Sana was wearing a long layered coat, Prada bag, and flared velvet pants.

Momo was wearing a velvet tracksuit, a black backpack, and white sneakers. In recent days, Momo has been constantly making a scene on Twitter when wearing a crop top to show off her toned abs during concerts.

Nayeon looks the most tired. He wore a green hat, coat and wide-legged black pants. Nayeon almost always keeps her face down and avoids the camera.

Tzuyu is elegant and gentle like her usual image. She wore a tweed jacket teamed with a white sweater, jeans and Gucci Marmont. Tzuyu was praised for her refreshing short hairstyle.

Jeongyeon looks comfortable in a very loose set of clothes and jacket. Her dyed blue hair is her most prominent point.

As usual, Chaeyoung performed with a freestyle and improvisation. Patchy pants were combined with an oversized white t-shirt, black blazer, and a Prada bag. He wore brown boots and held a large dark brown handbag.

Dahyun is the member who wears the brightest clothes. The idol is wearing a beige suede jacket, inside is a black and white sweater, combined with wide-legged jeans.

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