Which is currently airing exclusively on Mola TV , is definitely one of the best television series to run in recent years. Is a good mix of color science fiction storytelling with spy thrillers that are ready to bring surprises and suspense for the audience, the conflict in the storyline of the television series created by Justin Marks – previously a scriptwriter for the film Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun- Li (Andrzej Bartkowiak, 2009) and The Jungle Book(Jon Favreau, 2016) – begins when 30 years ago, scientists in East Germany accidentally created a parallel dimension that is now only accessible from the cellar of a building owned by a specialized agency of the United Nations. Parallel dimensions. Two worlds. Yep . Counterparts are guaranteed to “disturb” your thinking.

The inaugural season of Counterpart will introduce viewers to Howard Silk ( JK Simmons ) who has worked for years as a lowly employee at the United Nations. There’s nothing special about it. Although his career did not go as smoothly as he had hoped, Howard Silk continued to carry out his daily tasks well before he finally returned home to meet his wife, Emily Burton-Silk ( Olivia Williams).). The daily routine, unfortunately, ended after his wife had a traffic accident which left her lying in a coma in the hospital. One night when Howard Silk was visiting his wife, strange things happened when he was met by a man who looked exactly like him. Unlike himself who is just an ordinary employee, the second Howard Silk is a secret agent who comes from a parallel dimension and reveals that a hitman has crossed the globe to kill a number of his targets… including Howard Silk’s own wife.

Hollywood may have explored the theme of the existence of parallel dimensions time and time again, in various forms and styles. It’s definitely a shock and a relief to see Counterpart being able to come out strong and stand out compared to other television series of its kind. In Counterpart , the conception of good and evil lies only in one’s perspective. Like most storylines that revolve around parallel dimensions, this television series tends to examine the human condition and its vulnerabilities. The existence of another “us” transforms the conversation we have with ourselves or our own ego into a literal form of conversation between two figures of the same (but different) character.

Simmons easily slips into the shadows of different emotions. Viewers will obviously expect that the character quickly develops and makes the line between right and wrong blurry. Calm or haughty, Simmons transforms the two characters he plays into beautiful multi-layered characters, one that we wouldn’t mistake for the other. Williams, Nazanin Boniadi , and Sara Serraiocco provide excellent performances in delving into the complexities of female characters in a way that allows them to transcend our binary concepts of protagonist and antagonist. The acting department in both seasons of the television series also featured a number of appearances from familiar faces such as James Cromwell ,Sarah Bolger , Nolan Gerard Funk , to the legendary actress Jacqueline Bissett who all came with such captivating acting performances.

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