Ukrainian Provocation, Russia Accused of Using Facebook Social Media

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A former Facebook employee , Frances Hauge, said Russia mobilized a number of groups to spread hate speech and incite Ukrainian people on Facebook. This provocation is carried out in order to trigger divisions and weaken democracy in Ukraine

He said Facebook should regulate users of its platform in Ukraine to quell incitement from Russian groups.

According to his experience, Haugen explained that when he was part of Facebook intelligence unit, he could see how Russian accounts spread hate using fake profiles. They hacked into Facebook groups to stir up chaos.

The Facebook group has at least 1 million members. But he said no one except Facebook insiders could identify the sedition operations run by Russia, China and Iran.

“There are major national security concerns with Facebook in relation to the lack of transparency,” he said.

He said the trick to infiltrate and spread propaganda through Facebook is a common method used by Russia to influence politics in its neighboring countries.

Hauge said policy changes at Facebook since 2008 have degraded the user experience, away from its original purpose of bringing users closer to family and friends.

Currently the whisperer assesses Facebook can be a dangerous tool for the integrity of democracy in a country, according to a report by Politico Europe .