Hundreds reptile species The existing ones have many unique features, ranging from shape, size, to their reproductive organs.

Some reptiles have organs reproduction the strangest and the most unknown. Ranging from Reptiles that have spiked penises to double penises, or even no penises at all.

For example, Snakes and Lizards, have not only one penis, but two, which are called hemipenes.

The hemipenis is one of a pair of male squamates, usually found in snakes and lizards. Hemipenes are usually inverted in the body, and are everted for reproduction via erectile tissue.

The shape also varies, depending on the species, with ornaments, such as thorns or hooks.

Quoted from the page, male monitor lizards also have reproductive organs called hemipenis. In young monitor lizards the hemipenis has not yet formed, but in adult monitor lizards it will grow completely.

Reproductive organs in female reptiles are also unique, although not much researched. Because, currently, most of the knowledge about the genital organs of reptiles is focused on male individuals.

However, scientists continue to study the reproductive organs of female reptiles. It takes greater effort to study female reptiles, because their genital organs are located on the inside of the body.

It not just males who have double genitals. Lizards and female snakes also have two clitoris or are called Hemiclitores.

It was first described in a lizard studied in 1995 by a scientist named W. Böhme.

The hemiclitoris was observed to be smaller than the hemipenis, and the organ was consistently observed in lizards in this study.

While its specific function has not been identified, this study brings attention to squamata apomorphy which is likely to continue to be investigated in detail.

By Jaya