Rookie Marco Bezzecchi gave the Mooney VR46 Racing Team its first podium in the MotoGP event when it finished second in the Dutch MotoGP race at Assen Circuit last Sunday (26/06/2022).

Coupled with the success of Pecco Bagnaia who was the winner of the Dutch MotoGP , the two student racers of Valentino Rossi managed to finish 1-2.

Valentino Rossi’s excitement increased because for the first time, his team, Mooney VR46 Racing Team, felt the podium in the MotoGP class.

Unforgettable Day
Valentino Rossi wrote on Instagram that successfully finishing 1-2 in the Dutch MotoGP was an unforgettable moment for him.

“Pecco and Bez in 1st and 2nd place in Assen – unforgettable day, thanks to them for the talent and great work of everyone at VR46 Riders Academy, Team VR46 and Ducati,” the former Ducati, Honda and Yamaha rider wrote.

“It’s great, we are on top of the world,” added the nine-time world champion.

Stoner’s predictions about Bezzecchi’s career Marco Bezzecchi himself went up to the MotoGP class in 2022 without the title of world champion Moto2. He ended Moto2 2021 in third place in the standings.

But many believe, Marco Bezzecchi’s talent will be more suited to the MotoGP bike.

Have Something Special Casey Stoner spoke last year, or when Marco Bezzecchi was still in the Moto2 class, that the 23-year-old had something special.

“Bezzecchi has something, maybe so special, but I haven’t seen enough in Moto2 2021,” said Stoner.

“I saw something in him, the racing line he went through. I didn’t see anyone else doing it.”

“I want to see what he can do on a more powerful MotoGP bike.”

Really Proven
Now Casey Stoner’s praise of Marco Bezzecchi has really been proven in the 2022 MotoGP event.

By Arkha