Vince McMahon talks about the death threats he received WWE owner and chairman Vince McMahon joined The Pat McAfee Show yesterday for a rare, one-hour interview.

Among the many stories Vince McMahon told was how many times he had received death threats over the years. In particular, he claims to have heard a story from Jim Ross that several of his rivals in the 1980s, including cowboy Bill Watts and other NWA promoters, spoke ideas to threaten him. And it’s as if I’ve always felt that if you succeed in overthrowing the President of the United States, I will be easily reached.

I’ve never had a bodyguard and all that stuff. And those days when you, from their point of view, invaded their territory, it was like, “Well, they’re not just war words.” So many, so many times when people threatened me. And he was with Bill Watts and some of the other old NWA guys, and they’re holding this conference because there’s a whole bunch of them. “What are we doing with this child, do you know he’s invading everything?” We have to do something with him. They couldn’t do it together. ” Vince McMahon went on to explain that Ross, the current AEW announcer, heard the story while in the men’s room.

McMahon claims that Ross secretly hid in the bathroom cabin, hearing all about how these other promoters are plotting against him. “So, Jim is not part of the meeting, Jim is in the men’s room. He is in the men’s room, in the cabin and takes care of the business. In walks four of, four of the most famous promoters and they talk about how they will refuse me. “This man, not this man. I know I can do that. This man who did it was really impressive. And they all know people, so everyone’s talking about who’s going to get me out.–62224c7137c6ddd87351aa19

By Kaka