The Simpsons cartoon seems to have predicted events in the world today. The conflict that broke out between Russia and Ukraine is similar to the storyline of the cartoon entitled Simpsons Tide, which was released in 1998 ago.

Then proceed to the scene where the Russian ambassador speaks and says that his country is ready for war. The scene continues to be gripping, in which the Russians erect a tall fortress, which is guarded by a troop of soldiers.

After that, the scene continued with Russia getting ready to launch an attack. They run tanks and armies of soldiers equipped with mobile weapons. At the end of the video, Vladimir Lenin, who is the Soviet Union, rises from the dead by breaking the glass in his coffin, and walks like a zombie.

“Must destroy capitalism,” he said.

The video clip immediately made the world public excited. They claim to be curious and want to watch The Simpsons and see how much the cartoon predicts events in the real world at this time.

“I need to watch the series again, I mean how much of The Simpsons is correct, starting from Trump, the pandemic, Russia,” said a netizen.

By Jaya