Hello loyal JOI readers, back again with the Virtual Journal rubric , which apparently still exists. Yes, at least before the JOI site closes, I have to complete the task here, hehehe…

In this edition, we will flashback to one of the virtual youtubers that seems to have been written before. Uh? How come it’s been written and it’s been written again? Yes, I like it. I save too, hehehe..

Airani Iofifteen, often known as Iofi or Yopi, is a virtual youtuber who debuted on April 12, 2020. She is part of the first generation of Hololive ID along with Ayunda Risu and Moona Hoshinova .

Iofi has been included in the JOI article , Celebrity Sunday , long before the Virtual Journal existed. At that time Iofi had only been a week since his debut. So, there will definitely be many differences with the previous article. For those of you who haven’t read the article, please read it first , because some of the points that have been listed in the previous article, will not be repeated unless there are developments.

OBISA! This Alien Turns Out to be Multitalented

It has been explained in the previous article, that Iofi is an alien who came from a planet called Iolyptus. She ran away because she was going to be married off by her father who was a king, to a man she didn’t know.

Being a newcomer to planet Earth, Iofi has learned a lot about human language. There is Indonesian which of course he can master because he comes from Hololive ID, then there are English, Japanese, German, and Korean. He also likes to draw and demonstrate his skills through live broadcasts.

Iofi’s love for human civilization does not end there. He also enjoys man-made games, especially rhythm games, gacha games, and visual novels. He got fluent ability to speak Japanese through his habit of playing visual novels without the help of a translator. This alien who has the catchphrase ‘Obisa’, also admitted that he really likes one of the bands from Bang Dream , namely Roselia, and his favorite character is Yukina Minato.

The Part Where Iofi Was Bullied
Being a super talented alien does not make Iofi adored just like that. He even got scorn and ridicule from fans and his vtuber colleagues. Uh? why is it so bad? Don’t worry, this is still in a safe level and indeed a planned script when someone discusses some of the topics below.

First, Iofi is often called a midget. Or someone boasted of his height towards Iofi. Iofi is often labeled with a height of 145 cm, even though in his debut it was written that his height was 150 cm. These jokes have never died and have been used since their debut until now. There are also loose change like Iofi lisp, which is indeed the case.

One more thing, iofi got an unexpected nickname, Erofi . Well, this didn’t come without a reason, you can see some examples on the internet, one of which is like the video below.

Wholesome Interspecies Relationship
Even though he is often the subject of bullying, Iofi is still loved by his fans and fellow vtubers. Iofi often hangs out and interacts with vtubers and their fans.

Some relationships and events experienced by other vtubers, there may be indirect interference from Iofi. For example, Peko and Moona, Iofi tried to encourage his wife to be brave, even though there was still a language barrier that got in the way. Although in the end the two couples separated, where Iofi became Akukin’s employee and Moona became Pekora’s subordinate in Usaken.

Iofi also doesn’t hesitate to hang out with Holostars and maybe he’s been a factor in the recent progress of Holostars. He has several collab groups such as Kira Kira Collab which contains Risu, Oga, Aruran, and of course himself. He is also unexpectedly able to collaborate with Tokino Sora who he calls nee-san, and has his own program, IoSoRadio .

Iofi also doesn’t close relationships outside of hololive, like he did with Lyrica or Pochi-goya. It’s possible, the presence of Pochimama as an illustrator from Reine is also the intervention of Iofi.

What about his relationship with fans? Wholesome . Iofi once said that in order to win his heart, Ioforia (Iofi’s fan name) must fight in a battle royale. So here I am challenging all of you , including the artist panda whose birthday is when this article is released, LET’S FIGHT!!

No, actually Ioforia’s relationship is really wholesome. The proof is that every time someone joins the Kira Kira Club membership , they are immediately greeted with the title ” Hi cwk “. Iofi also released an original song entitled ” Bersama Ioforia “.

By Raufs