Warner Bros For Ukraine Postpones Release of The Batman (2022) Movie in Russia

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The production house Warner Bros. The Batman Movie (2022) announced the postponement of the release of The Batman movie in Russia on March 3. Warner Bros. felt this was not the right time to release the movie in the country. The last status, the production house is still waiting and considering whether this movie can be released as soon as possible according to the schedule of other countries.

“Amid the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, Warner Media has postponed the release of The Batman in Russia,” Warner Bros. said.

“We will continue to monitor the situation. We want a speedy and peaceful resolution to this tragedy,” they continued, as reported by deadline.com , Tuesday (1/3/2022).

The Batman , starring Robert Pattinson will premiere this week and is expected to hit the box office with a gross of $115 million.

The Batman movie has an unusual concept. It no wonder that The Batman 2022 is the most anticipated movie in the world, including Russia. But this delay is the right thing to choose after Russia invasion of Ukraine.

Sony Picture Entertainment postpones Russian movie Morbius

In addition to Warner Bros. with The Batman, Sony Picture has also postponed the movie Morbius, which will be released in Russia until April 1. Sony delay was carried out for humanitarian reasons regarding the conflict in Ukraine.

Disney theatrical Pixar postpones movie release in Russian theaters

Before Warner Bros. announced the withdrawal of the movie in Russia, it turned out that Disney had already taken the first step. Disney has decided to postpone the release of Turning Red in Russia indefinitely.