Dating apps or dating apps are the ninja way for some people who want to find a partner. However, a selective and alert attitude is required when using it. Because many dangers lurk users, one of which is a case of fraud narrated through the Netflix documentary, The Tinder Swindler .

For that, you should pay attention to suspicious things from your chat friends in the dating app . Be aware of the following rows of red flags and don’t hesitate to disconnect if you find them.

1. We recommend that you swipe left on a mysterious figure who doesn’t complete his profile. This clearly leaves a big question mark

2. Avoid people who write things against the norm in their bio, such as sexist or explicit words

3. Must be wary of people who praise excessively, especially about your physique. Especially if it leads to things that smell sexual

4. Do not accept the request for a meet up if you have just met briefly. Your safety is number one!

5. Replying to a chat short and long is a sign it is not interested. Come on, just say goodbye instead of wasting time!

6. Constantly talk about his personal wealth and accomplishments. Flexing is a no-no!

7. Don’t go easy on beautiful photos, especially if they look unrealistic. Therefore, check and recheck is very important

8. Don’t easily trust people who are too straightforward, especially if you openly take them seriously even though it’s the first time you’ve met

9. Finally, he refuses to meet face-to-face or meet even though they have known each other for a few months

Even though you’ve known each other for a long time, you still need to do some research on his personal life. It could be that he falsified information to appear very convincing. So avoid being too naive and too trusting.

As the saying goes, ” Trust your gut feeling ” is very important. However, as an additional form of protection, immediately unmatch if you find some red flags on the dating app. However, your safety is paramount. Remember, better safe than never !

By Jaya