Previously, TWICE Was Involved In A Live Singing Controversy. In Particular, Netizens Criticized Momo’s Voice And Stated That She Has An Unstable “Anita” And Nasally Vocal.

TWICE’s Momo showed off her singing skills and impressed fans. Had a controversy because it was considered unable to sing, then what are the comments of netizens about Momo’s voice?

On November 9, Momo released the cover song “Back to the Beginning” OST for the drama ” Full House ” popularized by Lee Bo Ram. Momo uploaded a cover song on her birthday as a gift for fans.

The video clip posted by Momo shows the Japanese-born idol practicing Korean and diligently studying the lyrics and marking certain words and pronunciations. Many netizens were impressed by Momo’s singing with steady and calm vocals.

Previously, TWICE was involved in a singing controversy “Earwig and the Witch” because many netizens criticized their live singing skills when singing “MORE & MORE.” In particular, netizens criticized Momo’s voice and stated that she has an unstable and nasally vocal.

But Momo completely changed her singing style in this cover song and showed off her beautiful and soft singing voice. Netizens were surprised by Momo’s vocals and impressed by her efforts to improve her vocal skills.

Momo’s singing ability has improved, commented netizens. His voice fits the song very well, added netizens. His voice is very good. I think he chose a good song, wrote netizens.

The sound of his nose disappeared. That’s probably because he chose a song with the right vocal range,said another. “He sings very well, this is not the vocal I remember “Steam Boy” before, concluded another.

Meanwhile, Momo together with TWICE “Adults in the Room” will soon greet fans through a new album titled “Formula of Love: O+T=<3” which will be released this week. Momo himself had his 25th birthday on November 9 yesterday.

Momo TWICE Cover OST 'Full House' Saat Ultah Bikin Penggemar Hingga Non-Fans Tersentuh, Kenapa?

Momo TWICE Cover OST ‘Full House’ When Birthday Makes Fans Touch Non-Fans, Why?

Welcoming His Birthday, TWICE’s Momo Released A Cover Of The OST Song ‘Full House’. Instantly The Cover Video Stole The Attention Of Not Only Fans But Also The General Public.

In order to celebrate his birthday, TWICE’s Momo “Yakuza Princess” recently released a cover of Lee Bo Ram ‘s song “The First Time In The First Place”, which is the OST for the legendary drama ” Full House “. Self-edited, the cover video received warm reactions from fans and the general public.

Momo’s own birthday falls today, Tuesday (9/11). The video, which was released the day before, instantly caught the public’s attention. Apart from surprising the public with his voice when singing, fans were touched by what was shown.

In the video, Momo visits a fan’s birthday event privately. The 1996-born singer was seen visiting advertising panels and cafes that had been decorated “Deadsight” for his birthday. For additional information, the former lover of Super Junior’s Kim Heechul also edited the cover video himself.

In addition, Momo also surprised fans with her voice when singing the “Full House” OST. Momo’s efforts and vocal abilities were also flooded with praise from Korean netizens. Comments of praise for Momo from fans and non-fans also graced online forums in cyberspace.

Wow, the song is good and Momo sings well… she chose a good song that suits her,said one netizen. Well, his voice and abilities have improved greatly, “Control” said another netizen. Wow, I didn’t know Momo’s voice and vocal color were so good. Fans must be very touched and happy. Happy birthday Momo! another said.

This is the most touching TWICE video I’ve ever seen, seriously…commented a netizen. Wow, I didn’t expect to be really impressed. I even felt more touched by Momo’s cover “Aristocrats“, continued another. I cried seeing the video. I’m a fan of another group but very touched, added another netizen.

Meanwhile, Momo together with TWICE will soon greet fans through a new album titled “Formula of Love: O+T=<3” which will be released this week. Lastly, happy birthday, Momo!

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