‘The Doll 3’ will be the last film in The Doll franchise

Having been delayed due to the pandemic, the horror film ‘The Doll 3’ has finally released the latest poster and will soon be showing in theaters.

The year 2022 seems to be the year of the return of Indonesian horror films to the small screen. After it was confirmed the return of the film ‘KKN di Desa Penari’ which had been delayed, another Indonesian horror film entitled ‘The Doll 3’ is also rumored to be coming to theaters soon in 2022.

Had been stopped due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak that spread to Indonesia in 2020, and reportedly cost a loss of 1 billion rupiah, the film produced by Hitmaker Studios recently released a teaser poster for the film ‘The Doll 3’ via its Instagram page.

The storyline of ‘The Doll 3’ is rumored to be more different than the previous sequel. In the film which is a continuation of ‘The Doll’ (2016), ‘The Doll 2’ (2017), and ‘Sabrina’ (2018) this will show something more sinister and gripping than usual. There are so many jumpscare scenes that make the audience stand on their feet, and they will certainly be horrified and thrilled when watching the film.

‘The Doll 3’ will start one year after Gian (Muhammad Zidane), Tara’s (Jessica Milla) sister, committed suicide. Reluctantly, Tara tries to move on with her life and accepts her lover’s proposal, Aryan (Winky Wiryawan). But that can’t get rid of his longing for Gian.

With her longing that never went away, Tara had called Gian back without realizing it. Tara was happy because she was reunited with a doll she believed to be her sister’s spirit. But that happiness turned into a deadly terror.

Launching Mizeru.com , ‘The Doll 3’ is one of the most expensive films in Indonesia. The reason is, the cost of making this film reaches billions of rupiah because the equipment and property are imported directly from abroad.

‘The Doll 3’ will be the first Indonesian film to use the Design and Animatronics Technique for dolls made in Bali. Specialist effects and animatronics will also be imported directly from America and Switzerland.

In addition to a different storyline, the film directed by Rocky Soraya who is also the scriptwriter and original story writer of ‘The Doll 3’ will be back with a different line of actors, namely Jessica Milla, Wingky Wiryawan, Montserrat Gizelle, Ziezie Zidane, Jeremy Thomas .

Although the exact broadcast schedule is not yet known, ‘The Doll 3’ is predicted to be aired in mid-2022 in Indonesian cinemas.

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By Rama