How to Delete an Instagram Account Permanently & Temporarily, Easy! Various types of social media applications are already widely available on the App Store or on Google Play. You just have to download it according to your needs, desires and what kind of social media you want to play.

However, recently it was discovered that playing too much social media can interfere with your daily activities and is classified as a personality disorder, according to WHO. You feel disturbed in doing work because you often check the state of social media and make you not focus on your responsibilities that should be.

Therefore, a number of people want to stop playing social media, one of which is Instagram. This application has almost complete features (compared to other social media) in sharing your happy moments, from being able to send pictures, videos, live Instagram broadcasts, Instagram stories and IGtv.

gives a review of tips or how to delete an Instagram account permanently and temporarily very easily. Do you know the steps? Please read yes!

1. Deactivate Instagram permanently
This method is very suitable for those of you who feel that Instagram is not as fun as the first time you use it, it interferes with privacy, a lot of content is not important so you feel the need to delete your own account. Another reason, it could be that you want to start playing Instagram from scratch again and don’t want to have two or more accounts. There are two ways to delete Instagram permanently.

Do you know how? For those of you who don’t know, see the explanation of the steps below, OK!

2. Deactivate Instagram permanently via laptop
The first step is to go to the site to delete the account. Then once the page opens, follow these steps:

Select Manage Accounts followed by Selecting Delete Your Account ;
In the next screen two options will be provided, choose How to Delete My Account ;
After that, several options will be displayed again, choose the top option in the form of the Delete Your Account page ;
Next, you are asked to choose one of the many reasons provided why you decided to delete your account;
The last step you need to do is enter your Instagram account password;
Continued by selecting Permanently Delete My Account ;
From then on, say goodbye to Instagram, okay ?

3. Deactivate Instagram permanently via cellphone
Another way to delete an Instagram account can be via a smartphone . The method is also as easy as using a laptop. The first thing you need to do is open the Instagram app on your phone. Then, follow these steps:

Go to your profile and select the Three Dots icon in the top right corner;
Next, you can select Help Center ;
After selecting it, you will be led directly to the page then select Manage Your Account ;
The next step select Delete Your Account followed by selecting How to Delete My Account ;
From the several options, choose the number one option which contains the Delete Your Account Page ;
Choose one of the many reasons why you decided to stop playing Instagram permanently;
As a final step, you are asked to enter the password for your Instagram account;
Select Delete My Account Permanently and say goodbye to the virtual world of Instagram!

4. Temporarily deactivate Instagram
If the above two powerful tips have been explained to permanently delete Instagram, here will be explained another way to delete Instagram which is only temporary. This method is perfect for those of you who are still unsure whether to stop playing Instagram or not.

Using this method, you can still reactivate an account that you deactivated in the future. The time will be according to your personal will, when will you return to the world of Instagram.

Curious how? Come on, see the steps carefully!

5. Temporarily deactivate Instagram via cellphone
Open Instagram through the search engine on your smartphone or other device, then do the following steps:

Login by entering your Instagram username and password;
Once successful, select the Profile Menu in the lower right corner;
When your profile is open select Edit Profile;
Next, you can select Temporarily Deactivate My Account located at the bottom right;
Then, you are asked to choose the available reasons why you need to stop playing Instagram;
Then, when you’re done choosing your reason, re-enter your Instagram password;
When finished, the account will automatically be temporarily inactive.
Those are some methods or ways to permanently and temporarily delete an Instagram account with many options. You just have to choose for yourself whether you want to really stop or just want to take a temporary break from the hustle and bustle of social media life.

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By Jaya