According To Media Outlets, The Idol Is Reportedly On A Trip To Guangzhou, China. However, The Reason For Traveling To The Country Is Not Yet Known Because The Agency Did Not Disclose It.

WayV fans are now speculating that the group will be making a comeback soon. On March 2 KST, media outlet Newsen reported that WayV member Hendery was spotted at Incheon International Airport early in the morning, looking relaxed in his casual outfit of a white hoodie, baggy jeans, and brown boots.

According to media outlets, the idol is reportedly on a trip to Guangzhou, China. However, his reason for traveling to the country remains a mystery, as WayV’s label, SM Entertainment and Label V did not announce any schedule from Hendery.

Following reports of Hendery heading to China, WayV members immediately trended on several social media platforms, including Twitter and Weibo. Along with Hendery’s departure, WayV also started trending online. WayV fans, also known as WayZenNi, immediately exploded in excitement when Hendery finally “came home”.

However, his trip to China also sparked comeback rumors for the group. Currently, fellow WayV members Ten , Winwin , and Xiaojun are in China for their individual activities. With Hendery’s arrival to China, it will mark four of the seven-member group in the country.

WayZenNi started speculating that Kun and Yangyang will also be leaving for the country soon, and that the members are slated to reunite as a whole in China to prepare.

However, Lucas’ participation in WayV’s future group activities remains uncertain, as the idol was involved in a series of controversies in 2021 where netizens claiming to be his girlfriend accused him of cheating and gaslighting . Following the controversy, his and Hendery’s single, “JalapeƱo,” which was originally scheduled to be re-released on August 25, was postponed indefinitely.

Lucas also suspended all scheduled activities and promotions, and took a leave of absence from social media for six months from August, until his surprise return on February 10 this year with a new post. His most recent release with WayV is in their third mini album, “Kick Back” in March 2021.

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