No wind no rain, the Shang-Chi movie trailer suddenly came out and took us all by surprise. Finally, we get to see one of the superheroes from Asia appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

But to be honest, even though I’m one of those people who have always followed the MCU from Phase 1 until now, I hardly know who Shang-Chi is and what powers he has, who his friends are, and with which MCU characters the film’s story will intersect.

Well, after digging deep enough, it turns out that Shang-Chi is an interesting character who does have great potential when he becomes part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There are so many comic plots that can lead us to other MCU characters, from Captain Universe, Secret Avengers, Spider-Woman to Wolverine.

But before we get acquainted with Shang-Chi, it’s good to know the history of the father; Mandarin

Zheng Zu, Fu Manchu, Mandarin
When the Opium War broke out in the 1800s, Zheng Zu and many other kung fu masters formed The Five Weapons Society to protect China from the invading British. Here, Zheng Zu and his younger brother Zheng Yi help the people who are struggling to defeat the British who came to invade their country.

The Five Weapon Society is a secret organization consisting of families of kung fu masters and assassins from five clans, created by Zheng Zu and Zheng Yi. Each member fights using an heirloom weapon, from which this group is called The Five Weapons Society .

If we look at the Marvel Wiki, it doesn’t explain what weapons and powers these members of The Five Weapon Society have. But from the comic panels that we saw above, it can be seen that each heirloom weapon has more or less special abilities and can increase the user’s combat power.

But even so, the British army did not flinch. Instead, they pulled out their ultimate weapon, bringing with them a shaman who could summon troops from the Dark Dimension owned by Dormammu.

Yes, Dormammu who appeared in Doctor Strange first!

The shaman brought by the rich British is even better than Doctor Strange, because he can take out Dormammu’s army called The Mindless One. The result was clear, The Five Weapons Society lost badly against a being from another dimension. Many of its members died, including Zheng Yi who eventually died after being badly injured.

Since the death of his sister, Zheng Yu began to turn into a cruel and evil Fu Manchu. He turned The Five Weapons Society, which originally aimed to defend the people from the British invasion, into a criminal empire that spreads terror and commits many crimes.

Later, Shang-Chi was born and educated, by Fu Manchu to become one of the fatal and effective killing tools. But when he is assigned to carry out his mission, he realizes that he has been tricked by his father to become an assassin.

From the trailer that came out yesterday, we can see at a glance that Shang-Chi is trying to escape from his father – who is allegedly Zheng Zu or Mandarin – who has trained him to be a kung fu expert and a deadly assassin since childhood. This is in line with what is told in the comic version, where Shang-Chi decides to leave because he doesn’t want to be used as a murder tool by his father again.

But there’s something interesting about the narrative we hear from the trailer, where Shang-Chi’s father says:

“You walk in my shadow.

This is like the opposite of what is told from the comic version, where Shang-Chi becomes the one who chases after his father and defeats all his fighters, including thwarting his plans and evil intentions to dominate the United States, with mind control drugs controlled via television.

Interesting isn’t the story between Shang-Chi and Mandarin?

There are so many slices of conflict in the comics that can be adapted to the big screen later. But will we be able to see Shang-Chi’s power the same as the comics?

By Kania