There is no need to doubt that the engineering major is one of the popular majors that is never empty of enthusiasts. Apart from having bright job prospects, engineering majors also offer concentrations in various fields. There are Architecture, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Shipping Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and of course Industrial Engineering which we will discuss in this article.

Industrial Engineering is known as one of the engineering majors that tends to be more ‘social’ than others. Hmm, how can that be? Indeed, what makes Industrial Engineering so special?

Industrial Engineering or Industrial Engineering is a field of science that explores industrial processes through engineering and management perspectives. No wonder, if Industrial Engineering often gets nicknames by its students as a department that is ‘not very technical’. In fact, this department is a child of the Mechanical Engineering department.

The reason is, the lessons in the Industrial Engineering department emphasize the management side of an industry. So, you are not only required to understand the intricacies of a manufacturing machine, but also have to understand the management system of a factory. If you have an interest in both management and engineering, this course is definitely for you!

Industrial Engineering Course
Starting from ‘very technical’ courses to ‘not very technical’ courses, you will learn in the Industrial Engineering department. However, all these courses are related to each other. Therefore, an Industrial Engineering graduate is expected to be able to handle and view all kinds of problems in the industry through a different lens.

In addition to strengthening knowledge in the fields of Physics, Chemistry , Statistics, Calculus and Mathematics , you will also learn about Production Systems, Engineering Drawings, Engineering Economics, Occupational Safety and Health, Manufacturing Processes, and many more.

Although the title is “engineering”, the objects studied in this department are not objects such as airplanes, electricity, or buildings. In Industrial Engineering, the things that become the center of attention are resources consisting of people, equipment, energy, materials, and information.

Still confused? OK, I’ll explain.

Example: A company has various resources to increase its productivity. There are humans, machines, raw materials, costs, and others. Well, the knowledge you learn in Industrial Engineering is useful in optimizing these resources so that the company generates maximum profits.

By Arkha