After the sweeping “storm” of Thor and Minions is gradually passing, this weekend in theaters continues to be bustling with many new titles coming out.

Another week comes with a series of movies in theaters with a variety of genres for moviegoers to choose from. This week we have Korean, animated, horror and Japanese movies as well. Let’s take a look at the movie titles coming to theaters this week with Moveek :

1. Determined to Say Goodbye

The Resolution of Farewell opens with the death of a man falling from a cliff. When police inspector Hae-joon (Park Hae Il) first meets the victim’s wife, Seo-rae (Thang Duy), she does not appear surprised or distressed by her husband’s death: “I’m sorry. She said she was going to go hiking, but she didn’t come home after that, so I thought maybe I’d die.” It was because of her cold attitude and manners that Seo-rae became the main suspect in the case. This mysterious and strange girl catches Hae-joon’s attention. From here, feelings and interests arise between them, beyond the limits of a police inspector and a murder suspect.

With great inspiration from the Beck series of novels, director Park Chan Wook aspires to create a movie about love “set in the context of a foggy city”. Since childhood, he especially loved the song The Mist by author Lee Bong-joo through the voice of Chung Hoon-hee and hoped to use this song in a romantic movie that he created. At the same time, Park Chan Wook “discovered” that famous folk singer Song Chang-sik had also covered The Mist. Thanks to that, in “Destined to Say Goodbye”, the audience will enjoy a special version of The Mist, with the harmony between Chung Hoon-hee and Song Chang-sik – a unique version in the world. gender :

2. Escape from Mogadishu

Based on a seemingly unbelievable historical event, the film recreates the thrilling, unprecedented cooperation between North and South Korean diplomats to free their citizens from the war. in Somalia in 1991.

The content of Escape from Mogadishu is based on real events, used to do the kimchi press that costs a lot of ink. With interesting historical material on the background of the sunny and sandy black continent and the chaotic situation at that time, the unprecedented escape journey of the main character group promises to be captivating and dramatic until the end. . Because, because of their completely opposite positions, even before they considered each other as sworn enemies, the cooperation relationship established by the two diplomats was always immersed in an atmosphere of suspicion and tension. straight.

3. Pororo: Dinosaur Island Adventure

Pororo and his friends find the little dinosaur Alo sleeping soundly in the egg-shaped spaceship. Hello, I can’t remember anything but my name. When Pororo and friends help Alo repair the spaceship, the spaceship flashes and disappears with Alo and Pororo’s friend Crong. Pororo chases the spaceship to Dinosaur Island and encounters Mr.Y, who specializes in kidnapping dinosaurs to sell to aliens. To rescue his friend, Pororo must overcome his fear of dinosaurs to battle the aliens and Mr.Y’s army of cyborgs.

Will Pororo’s journey go smoothly or are there other challenges? Let’s go to the theater together! The movie is suitable for the whole family to spend the weekend :

4. Cherry Magic: 30 Years Old Still “Zin” Will Turn into a Witch

The romantic, warm movie version of the Asian fever phenomenon Cherry Magic: 30 Years Old Still “Zin” Will Turn into a Witch. Adachi is an office worker, turning 30 and still “zin”. On his 30th birthday, the guy is endowed with strange magic. Adachi can read the minds of the people he touches. Kurosawa is Adachi’s lover at work, popular and successful. They fell in love secretly at work. One day, Adachi gets a new job opportunity. Adachi will be able to do what he likes, but the new location is in Nagasaki, 1,200 km from Kurosawa. Going through the hardships and challenges of being in a long distance relationship makes them rethink their relationship and their future. What will their relationship be like?

With a unique plot, meaningful message, deep gentle vibes and talented actors, the movie version of Cherry Magic: 30 Years Old Still “Zin” Will Turn into a Witch will continue to rock the community. Asian fans.

5. Karem: Vessel of Death

Karem (Raquel Rodríguez), the youngest child of the Briseno family, is stalked by an extremely cruel evil force. Thanks to the demon’s power, she can manipulate others. Taking advantage of that power, Karem plans to take revenge on everyone who bullied her. But when playing with a knife, her hand was cut off, Karem could not have imagined that the handshake of the little girl and the demon would lead to a series of catastrophic tragedies:

Notable names such as Raquel Rodríguez, Daniel Martínez, Dominika Paleta, Ramón Medína, Miranda Kay will appear in this horror work. With experienced, skillful and well-matched acting, this cast is expected to convey that terrifying fear to the public when trembling with every step of the devil.

With that said, this week we have a lot of genres, horror fans try Karem: The Vessel of Death, boylove fans try Cherry Magic: 30 years old Still “Zin” Will Turn into a Witch…. And the remaining cult movies are also very hopeful, especially Determination of Farewell. Finally, with the above titles, Moveek believes that you will choose for yourself a movie to relieve stress for this weekend, buy tickets here now!

By Yas Il