For superhero film lovers, of course, there is something to look forward to when watching the film, namely the after-credits. So are there after-credits in The Batman?
The answer is yes. However, the footage is not like what we usually see in Marvel films where it is a lattice of the continuation of the film or the story that will appear in the next film of the universe.

The footage is also very short, small moments that really don’t include sequel footage. So unless you actually finish it, you won’t miss anything if you decide not to wait and leave the theater when the credits show up.

If you decide to stick with it, then this is what you will see on the screen. In The Batman you will be shown an image from the continuation of the Riddler’s (Paul Dano) site with the words ‘goodbye’ and a few other words. That’s it without any more pictures.

But even so, the audience has actually been given a little thirst quencher for curiosity about the continuation of the Bruce Wayne story.

Spoiler Alert
If you haven’t seen the film, it is recommended that you don’t continue reading this news because it contains spoilers from the film’s storyline.

After the Riddler’s final plan was thwarted by Batman, he grumbled and cried from behind his special cell. It turned out that in front of his cell there was another criminal who mocked his plan.

“The saying goes that sometimes you are on top and sometimes you can be a clown,” said a man behind the special cell.

Riddler also asked who the figure of the man with only a small part of his face was and called himself a friend. The coalition between criminals was formed with the same goal, namely Batman.

Their conversation ended with a typical laugh from one of Batman’s main enemies, the Joker, which is reportedly starring Barry Keoghan.

Previously, it was widely reported that the star of The Eternals appeared as the Joker after his brother wrote on Twitter about the news.

“So it’s finally released that my brother will be the Joker in the new Batman movie,” he wrote.

But unfortunately Matt Reeves instead decided to delete the Barry Keoghan scene with Robert Pattinson in the film. He also admitted that he really liked the scene.

“There’s a scene that we cut that I like. In fact, there’s a scene with the invisible prisoner (Keoghan), which appears at the end of the movie in Arkham (Asylum) with the Riddler. There’s a scene earlier where Batman goes to Arkham to try and find out about the Riddler. , and Barry was in that scene. It’s a really cool scene, and I’m sure we’ll be releasing that scene once the movie comes out, because it’s a really cool deleted scene.”

By Yas Il