A sinister piece of Joker fan-art brings together a number of previous onscreen iterations of the character, including Heath Ledger, Jack Nicholson, and Jared Leto. The Joker has established himself as one of the more popular Batman villains over the years, both across DC comics and within a number of major onscreen adaptations. The recent release of Matt Reeves’ The Batman, which saw Robert Pattinson star as the titular Dark Knight, excited many when the film’s final scene teased a new Joker, played by Eternals star Barry Keoghan. Shortly after, a deleted scene was officially released which offered audiences a terrifying look at Keoghan’s Joker, teasing the potential focus of the upcoming sequel to The Batman.

Keoghan is the latest in a long line of actors who have taken on this notoriously dark and somewhat daunting role. Prior to The Batman, the most recent iteration of the clown prince had been in 2019’s Joker, in which Joaquin Phoenix’s performance marked the very first time the Joker had received his own standalone live-action movie, in contrast to the character’s previous appearances which saw him in more of a supporting role. Leto took on the role in 2016’s Suicide Squad, receiving mixed reviews for his unique approach to the character, having taken over from Ledger who truly launched the Joker into mainstream prominence with his performance in 2008’s The Dark Knight. Cesar Romero and Nicholson are considered as two of the more classic variations of the character, with Romero having starred as Joker in the 60’s Batman TV series and Nicholson in Tim Burton’s 1989 movie Batman.


Now, a fantastic piece of fan art has brought all of these previous iterations of Joker together, offering a sinister look at each of them. The art, which was shared on Twitter by artist Nolanium, sees Keoghan’s Joker at the center, surrounded by each of his predecessors. Nolanium’s art bares a spot-on resemblance to each of the Jokers and highlights the uniqueness that each of these actors have brought to the character over the years. The art quickly received a lot of praise and compliments for the artist’s efforts in perfectly capturing each of the actor’s likenesses. Check out Nolanium’s art below.


Despite it having yet to be confirmed by Reeves, audiences are almost certain that Keoghan’s Joker will return as the villain for The Batman 2, given the nature of how his character was revealed. If this were to be the case, Keoghan may not be the only Joker to return to the big screen within the near future, as recent reports have pointed towards a possible sequel to Joker, despite director Todd Phillips previously stating that he had no plans for a sequel. Phoenix has since expressed an interest in exploring his character of Arthur Fleck further, however, at this current point in time nothing has been officially confirmed.


As arguably one of the most instantly recognizable villains in comic book history, it’s likely that the Joker will continue to grace screens for the foreseeable future. While exact plans remain unclear with regards to what’s next for both Keoghan and Phoenix’s Jokers, audiences are likely anticipating the return of each of these two drastically different iterations, whenever that may be. This most recent tease from The Batman opened up the debate of which Joker is considered to be the best, however, it’s fair to say that each actor has certainly put their own unique and memorable spin on the clown prince of crime.

By Kaka