Rumors of Naruto’s death in the manga Boruto: Naruto Next Generations have been rolling since last week before the release of chapter 51. However, instead of meeting death at the hands of Isshiki, Naruto actually showed off a new form after he merged with Kurama. Even so, the danger will not leave Naruto yet.

As Kurama said in the chapter51, what Naruto did was not without consequences. However, Naruto insisted that he was ready to accept the consequences. He was also ready to sacrifice. It is not yet known whether Naruto will survive the fight with Isshiki or not. However, memes that have been circulating on the internet say that Naruto will die in the fight. Whatever it is, the bright spot on Naruto’s fate will be seen in chapter 52 which is scheduled to be released on 20 November. (Also Read: Fight Isshiki, Naruto

Releases New Powers in Chapter 51 Boruto ) Naruto has been unfortunate in the world of manga and anime since 1999. The Naruto manga officially ended in 2014. The manga revolves around a ninja from the village of Konoha who wants to become hokage. Two years later, Naruto returns, but not as the main character. The new anime and manga of the series focuses on his son, Boruto. The feature film Boruto was released in 2015 and the manga in 2016.

This new series then gave rise to various kinds of speculation and twists . One of them is the death of Naruto in the series. Not without reason this speculation sticks out. In 2018, its creator, Masashi Kishimoto, said fans should prepare for an unexpected death.

“Since this is Naruto, then I think it’s also okay if this character is always in a circle of death (in Boruto),” Kishimoto said at the time as quoted from Comic Book .

According to Kishimoto, the death of a character will bring weight to a storyline. “Making a character fat or trying to be skinny can also happen in Boruto. However, it will be a problem if the character gets shot with a stray bullet or dies in an explosion,” said Kishimoto. (Also Read: This is Naruto’s Fate in the Boruto Series )

According to Screen Rant , there are two things worth noting in the making of Boruto . First, this series continues the previous story, while answering questions or hanging things that happened in the original story. Second , this spinoff also takes the cheerful weight off Naruto’s shoulders and passes it on to his son. This opens up opportunities for the story to explore core themes of resilience and generational trauma in a fresh way. Unfortunately for Naruto, the weight of this story comes along with what fans call “plot armor” — the tendency to avoid killing the characters necessary to tell the story in question.

Boruto: Naruto Next Generationsintroduces a new power called Karma. Karma is a special type of seal that only the powerful Otsutsuki Clan use. Naruto—with Sasuke’s help—defeated their god in the Fourth Shinobi War. Both Naruto and Sasuke lost hands in that fight. This is considered the end of the Naruto series war . Boruto faces a new enemy in the form of an Otsutsuki Clan member, Momoshiki—who reveals what Karma really is. When a member of the Otsutsuki Clan dies, they can transfer their biological data to a vehicle, which will be reborn once the new DNA takes over. (Also read: Think about the end of Naruto’s story, Masashi Kishimoto can’t sleep )

Momoshiki’s original target was Naruto. While Boruto saves his father by killing Momoshiki, Momoshiki puts his Karma into Boruto. That means, someday, Momoshiki will try to bounce back through Boruto and pursue his original target—Boruto’s father. In the next adventure, Boruto could have saved the day and his father by using Momoshiki’s sealed power, leading to hidden consequences. Boruto can transfer some of Momoshiki’s energy to Naruto or the demon inside. That meant Naruto could die by becoming something he wanted to destroy. If Kishimoto took this tragic narrative path, then things would not be good for both Naruto and Boruto.

Still, fans didn’t expect Boruto to kill a character like Naruto. Not only will the fans riot, the loss of someone like Naruto or Sasuke will make fans wonder what the point of Naruto and Naruto Shippuden is. While Boruto shouldn’t feel tied down, the franchise has a responsibility to validate fan loyalty. If Naruto dies, the audience will leave this franchise immediately. (Also Read: Theory, Naruto Will Not Die in Boruto Story )

Naruto is an orphaned ninja who lives in Konoha Village. The villagers and shinobi ostracized him during his troubled childhood. His father caught the spirit of the nine-tailed fox inside Naruto, which could wreak havoc if not checked. This fact did not distract Naruto from his dream of becoming a Hokage — a kind of ninja president who protects Konoha. He took advantage of his unlucky fate and after the Chnin Exams, the Shinobi world war, lost his hand, Naruto became Hokage.

Triggered by Boruto Chapter 51, Naruto Reportedly Died

Naruto Uzumaki, the main character in the Naruto animation, is reported to have died. The death of Naruto became a conversation in the social media world to become trending number 1 on Twitter since some time ago.

This news received mixed responses from Indonesian netizens. Some of them asked about the recitation at Naruto’s house so that there were no netizens who did not believe the news of Naruto’s death. (Also read: Fighting Isshiki, Naruto Releases New Strength in Chapter 51 Boruto )

Meanwhile, the news of Naruto’s death was triggered by the manga Boruto chapter 51 which was just released on Tuesday (10/20/2020). It is said that Naruto will most likely unlock his new power mode and it proves to be game-changing.

In the previous chapter, Naruto and Sasuke followed Boruto in the portal. Boruto explains that Ohtsutsuki can easily take someone to another dimension. He added that he was able to move through dimensions using Kurama.

Isshiki interrupts them by launching an attack and seizes Boruto. Isshiki identifies Boruto as Momoshiki’s vessel and he wants to know the level of his power. This chapter features the fight between Boruto, Sasuke, Naruto, and Isshiki.

By Ichong