Three Manchester United stars , namely Marcus Rashford , Mason Greenwood , and Jadon Sancho are claimed to be afraid of intimidation by their teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo .

The claim was made by former Aston Villa player, Gabriel Agbonlahor . The incident took place when Manchester United drew 1-1 with Newcastle on Tuesday (28/12/2021).

In this match, Manchester United had fallen behind first due to Allan Saint-Maximin’s goal at the beginning of the first half. This position lasted until the middle of the second half.

Edinson Cavani scored to make the score 1-1. This score lasted until the game ended. Manchester United had to settle for bringing home a point from St. James’ Park.

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Bad
Ronaldo has appeared quite sharp since returning to United this season. However, the Portuguese player often looks annoyed if he doesn’t get many opportunities, as happened in the match against Newcastle.

Ronaldo’s performance made him sulk throughout the game,” Agbonlahor told Football Insider.

Then after the game, he ran off the field sulking and I imagine he was sulking in the locker room, ”

Give a Negative Impact for Manchester United
Furthermore, Agbonlahor considered that Ronaldo’s attitude was a bad thing for the team, especially the young players on the front lines of Manchester United.

“His attitude is ugly. If I’m Rashford, Greenwood, and Sancho, I’m afraid to shoot. Every time they do a shot, he [Ronaldo] raises his hand to say, ‘Why don’t you give it to me?'” Agbonlahor said.

“The harmony wasn’t right in the dressing room. Rashford and Greenwood’s form has dropped since Ronaldo was there. They can’t express themselves, it’s as if they’re thinking, ‘I have to pass to Ronaldo, I have to create chances for Ronaldo’.

“Before Ronaldo came, Greenwood took a player and shot and he didn’t do that anymore and was dragged off in the first half. If I were Rashford, Greenwood or Sancho, I would say to myself, ‘Oh, why did we have to sign him here?”

Cristiano Ronaldo Should Be Reserved?
Agbonlahor also gave advice to Manchester United manager, Ralf Rangnick to dare to reserve Ronaldo in the next match.

“He’s an extraordinary player who had an extraordinary career but he’s not the same player he used to be. United played their best football of the season against Chelsea with Ronaldo on the bench,” Agbonlahor said.

“Rashford, Greenwood and Sancho can play as a front three rotating and running at the back. If the manager doesn’t have a problem with him, he will reserve Ronaldo for the next game.”

By Raufs