Monster Energy Yamaha racer, Fabio Quartararo , was confused by the performance of his motorbike in the two free practice sessions of the Qatar 2022 MotoGP. Fabio Quartararo, something was not going as well as the speed of his motorbike.

Fabio Quartararo performed less impressively in the first free practice session (FP1) of the Qatar 2022 MotoGP. Fabio Quartararo recorded a best lap time of 1minute 55,600 seconds to rank 11th.

In the second free practice session (FP2), Fabio Quartararo did manage to improve his record time. However, Fabio Quartararo only managed to finish in eighth place with a score of 1 minute 53.906 seconds.

“For me now, I feel something is different. I don’t feel very comfortable because on one lap, even though in the test, I didn’t feel so great. Today I also felt something strange was missing,” said Fabio Quartararo as quoted by Motorsport .

Quartararo has complained about the engine quality and maximum speed of the Yamaha YZR-M1 since the start of the season. Fabio Quartararo hopes that his team can find a solution so that they can perform optimally in the qualifying session and the Qatar 2022 MotoGP race.

“I was fast in the first two sectors, but we missed something and need to understand why this happened and must be resolved. We are not very safe for Q2. So, we will see what to do time attack or not,” said the French racer.

Fabio Quartararo also complained about the speed limit obtained by the motorbike. According to him, there was a data error from the actual motor speed limit with the data received by the team.

I had a difficult day because I didn’t understand some things,” said Quartararo.

“We need to check the data and compare it with the last one to see what happened. However, I’m also not defending myself on the current deadline,” Quartararo said. 

By Arkha