Yan Xujia X NINE Allegedly Dating Actress Zhang Zifeng in College?

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On February 16, paparazzi media exposed XNINE member Yan Xujia with a girl seen walking into an apartment wearing twin jackets.

The photo, which was taken by the media on Valentine’s Day night, shows the former R1SE personnel along with a girl who is thought to be the beautiful actress Zhang Zifeng.

It was reported that Xujia came to a residence where the girl followed him and got into the car.

The driver took the two to the place where Yan Xujia was staying. After getting out of the car, the girl ran quickly to the lobby door.

After returning to the apartment, the two did not leave all night, and the girl left alone the next morning.

In the photo that went viral, the girl and Zhang Zifeng had the same cell phone case, thus raising suspicions.

Netizens also revealed the comparison of Zhang Zifeng’s running style with the woman in the video. The running posture of the woman and Zhang Zifeng had certain similarities in their movements.

It was reported that Yan Xujia and Zhang Zifeng were both classmates while attending the Beijing Film Academy. In October last year, Zhang Zifeng and Yan Xujia held their first public meeting and held joint campus activities.

Some of Zhang Zifeng’s fans claim that the women in the video are not their idols because of the different haircuts. But netizens are again doing matchology that leads to the truth of this dating news.

At the end of January, Zhang Zifeng was seen posting several selfies and a painting depicting a man
In the painting, the man who has muscles, wears a headset, and wears a sleeveless shirt is suspected to be Xujia.

Netizens found a photo that was similar between the painting and this handsome idol.
The painting also has the phrase ‘Love you’ that Zhang Zifeng showed to the man in the picture.

Yan Xujia’s Weibo account avatar is also thought to be Zhang Zifeng’s pinyin name, with the abbreviation “zzf”.

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