Yerin, Former G-FRIEND, Admits That She Is Interested In The World Of Beauty. In Video Content On Her YouTube Channel, Yerin Shares Tips For Natural Makeup That She Does Every Day.

Yerin , a former member of G-FRIEND , is showing her interest in the world of beauty. Recently, Yerin shared her daily makeup tips which tend to be lightning fast after studying makeup from other influencers.

Before wearing makeup, Yerin has an important tip, namely to roll her bangs with a hair roll. In particular, she opted for a long, thick roll that could hold her bangs while dressing up. If released, Yerin’s bangs will fall right above her eyebrows.

For the base, Yerin only wears a cushion that matches her skin color. “I just put lotion on and that’s all,” Yerin said in the Get Ready With Me video that aired on her YouTube channel.

Yerin then applied foundation to her face with a hard pat. He learned this from a beauty YouTuber he had watched.

“I saw somewhere, some YouTubers would pat their skin like this. But I think this will work. It feels like the product is completely absorbed,” said Yerin.

After applying foundation, Yerin uses a lip balm from Olive Young which gives the impression of more volume on the lips. Then, he will use powder so that the foundation sticks more. The 1996-born idol poured a little product and then took it with a sponge before applying it.

Next, Yerin did eye makeup using Lilybyred Mood it Palette Bloom It. For the result of no make up, she wears beige and pink colors all over her eyelids. It was only at the outer corner of his eye that he wore a dark brown color.

Then Yerin perfected her eye makeup with brown eyeliner on the upper waterline and curled her eyelashes. For mascara, she has tips for applying twice with a distance of five seconds after it dries. Yerin then put a light bronzer on her jaw before applying blush.

As a final touch, Yerin colored her lips with a gradient technique. She wears a lighter shade of lipstick all over her lips before applying a darker color in the middle. Because the title is Get Ready With Me, before leaving Yerin sprays her favorite perfume.

When explaining the concept of her make-up, Yerin pointed out what she often does everyday which only takes less than 20 minutes. Due to the theme of everyday natural makeup, she never fills her eyebrows because they are already thick.

“Daily make up, I often do this before going out. Not even 20 minutes,” said Yerin.

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